M. Le Professor Pomme de Terre

Simon Saize says:
April 23 2017 at 5:21 pm
The purpose of the Great Repeal Bill is to bring the corpus of EU law under the aegis of the British parliament. The Henry VIII powers are needed to re-word the legislation to make UK agencies responsible for enforcing the legislation.

The next phase (and it may well last a decade or more) will be for Parliament to scrutinise this mountain of regulation item by item and then amend, repeal or continue with each measure.

Richard Murphy says:
April 23 2017 at 5:57 pm

Do pigs fly past your window at frequent intervals?

I have to say that if you want to post here it’s best not to use what looks like a very fabricated name that happens to shorten to SS and to then post propaganda


It’s propaganda to rightly describe something these days.

17 thoughts on “M. Le Professor Pomme de Terre”

  1. “I have to say that if you want to post here it’s best not to use what looks like a very fabricated name that happens to shorten to SS and to then post propaganda”

    Excellent, he’s at last getting the message, your commentators are taking the piss. If it wastes time while he:

    a) Googles the name
    b) Tries to look at abbreviations
    c) Works out whether its an anagram
    d) Looks for any other piss takes

    …then the better off we all are.

  2. ‘Best not argue with me, my blog my rules, what you say is propaganda because I deem it as such…..’

  3. Maritime Barbarian

    How many of those who complain about”Henry VIII powers” objected to the use of Orders in Council to pass huge areas of EU law into British law without any Parliamentary scrutiny?

  4. MB – probably the same number as those who were concerned about an absolute majority of approval over the constitutional changes of Maastricht, Nice and Lisbon.

  5. Thing is, he’s actually looked at the name “Simon Saize” and the most obvious thing he’s noticed about it is that the initials are SS.

    The bloke is not normal.

  6. I don’t suppose that Dups is a Lutheran, because otherwise I’d suggest using ”Henry VIII powers” to have the bugger burnt.

  7. It’s actually a limited company, so Ritchie is planning to monetise this? The list of contributors looks like a right circle jerk. There must be a prize for the first spoof person that can get an article on there.

  8. Bongo

    The comments policy looks familiar.

    Some extracts:

    There are ample opportunities in a wide range of media for opposing the opinion offered and you are welcome to use them. This blog is not one of those places.

    Thirdly, we reserve the right to edit and amend any contribution to make it suitable for publication if we think it appropriate without consulting with you.

    Fourthly, we reserve the right to delete any comment or block any commentator whom we decide is behaving in a … disagreeable manner.

    And funnily enough it’s based in Ely. And they have a creed…

  9. You can vote here anonymously

    You can vote early and vote often. And when you clear the cookie and local storage, you can vote another three times 🙂

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