My word, this is a surprise from Progressive Pulse, isn’t it?

Our May 2017 Book of the Month is Richard Murphy’s “Dirty Secrets”.

Blimey, never saw that one coming.

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14 thoughts on “My word, this is a surprise from Progressive Pulse, isn’t it?”

  1. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Awarding themselves prizes has been the modus operandi of self-aggrandising loons since time immemorial. Idi Amin gave himself a VC, so Spud’s got a way to go.

  2. @PF – thanks; the database I looked at had zero entries, which I presume is a consequence of the company being so new-born

  3. Flatcap

    No problem.

    FWIW, the Company’s House Beta site (ie the general link above) is always the one to check; anything filed is usually up there pretty much straight away.

  4. Professor Emeritus of Northumberland University. Seriously? You. Get to call yourself ‘Professor’ teach at that place?

  5. Commentators in here with the time and interest should send the new company lots of correspondence . All with the name on the envelope shown as “Progressive Puke Ltd”. By mistake of course.

    I wonder if Murph watched “Scrooge” last Xmas. The scene where Jack Warner tells George Cole–as young Scrooge– that he could get twice the salary (plus advancement that Old Fezziwig can’t afford to offer him) as a clerk in a new company. The Fat Economisery watches the scene , his piggy little eyes light up and 3 months later there he is –clerk in a new company.

    With financial independence just around the corner.

  6. Ironman- that place used to be the esteemed Newcastle poly… place of learning lol.. or from where is used to sit in Newcastle Uni across the road it was a glorified teacher training college. My mum, who used to work there, had many a run in with the students- or the great unwashed as she called them. Nothing has changed it seems except the student body are now the lecturers – sorry “professors”… it was funny watching her run rings around the academia.

  7. Yes, used to be Newcastle Poly, became Northumberland University, aka Central University of Newcastle Upon Tyne or just CUNT for short

  8. I wonder what Fair Tax FTSE 100 SSE think of Spud’s opinion of the gas and electricity providers, which is that only provide “contract differentials that can only pay a return based on exploitation of some at least.”

  9. Spud is now using his Twitter feed to promote a blog describing Progressive Pabulum as a “must-read”.

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