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NHS to ban bacon butties

NHS set to ban sale of sugary drinks and fatty snacks in hospital cafes and canteens

And if they haven’t this time it’ll only be a little bit before the Puritans do.

11 thoughts on “NHS to ban bacon butties”

  1. No, first they’ll frisk all visitors to ensure they aren’t bringing in contraband.

    “NHS England said all sugary drinks will be banned if the voluntary target is not met within 12 months.”

    Someone needs a dictionary.

  2. I for one am glad to see them eating their own dogfood. Although I bet the coffee machine will still have sugar.

  3. ‘Bacon’ butties. Ham sarnies. Not halal. wasn’t it the same crowd who said preserved meats were bad for you?

    It’s a tactic to make you not mind when they kill you.

  4. The one bit of our local gin palace that works well is the Costa franchise. So I guess it must be ripe for termination.

  5. Remember, the point of NHS is for the benefit of those who work within the NHS system. Any healing of so-call patients are purely coincidental.

  6. Not for nothing was John Brignell’s alternative definition of hospital “a health hazard from which the population are protected by a waiting list.”

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    I get all my health care information from the Daily Mail and, to be honest, I don’t think it is any better or worse than reading the more pretentious press. Which is a way of introducing the Mail’s recent claim that artificial sweeteners are linked to much higher rates of heart attacks and some cancers.

    I believe it because I can. And because the medical profession has been so wrong about everything, there is a good chance they will be praising sugar as a super-food before I pop my clogs. So I like to think I am ahead of the curve.

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