Phew, my seat’s safe then

In Brighton we’re working together to oust the Tories. Corbyn and Farron take heed
Caroline Lucas

Last night something remarkable happened in Brighton. Local party members from the Liberal Democrats stood aside in Brighton Pavilion, and the Greens stood down in Brighton Kemptown. People who have spent years campaigning in these places took the decision to put aside party allegiances and work together so we have the best possible chance of delivering a fairer voting system and beating the Tories on 8 June. These choices were not easy, indeed they are acts of political bravery.

27 thoughts on “Phew, my seat’s safe then”

  1. ‘Acts of political bravery’? Oxymoronic, self-regarding, smug, puffed-up, preening, look-at-me bollocks – i.e. Green/Lib Dem politics, I suppose.

  2. “… it’s more important than ever that progressives think again about how we might work together…”

    Good luck with that, they always end up fighting each other!

  3. Bloke in North Dorset


    Yep, that’s why May’s coalition of chaos jibe will resonate with the electorate. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Tory broadcast does a parody of the Life of Brian sketch.

  4. “I wouldn’t be surprised if a Tory broadcast does a parody of the Life of Brian sketch.”

    Especially as the Labour Party spent most of the lsat 18 months doing an extended reenactment.

  5. Imagine the fuss if the Tories and UKIP had done this.

    Still, it’s a pragmatic way around one of the flaws of FPTP, a system that both of those parties want rid of… so even though it’s a stitch up, it’s better than most thrown up by FPTP and I’ll give them a pass.

    The relevant voters can express their own view in the prescribed manner.

  6. For £250k I could demonstray political bravery as well.

    And don’t you dare say “expenses scandal”!

    Or “whistle blower” either.

  7. +1 Julia

    Brave, my arse. They really are a bunch of duplicitous shits, but it always comes back to haunt them.

  8. Brighton was never going anywhere but up the left’s arse.

    So why the song and dance? To encourage all the cunts to join forces elsewhere.

    I still think they are on a loser–but this kind of trickery might reduce it a bit and even that is bad.

  9. You could also call it “a political stichup”.

    And they are also assuming all of the Liberal Democrats are going to vote Green. Given that the Greens are a far-Left party, why would they do that?

  10. Bipartisanship generally is the parties ganging up on the electorate.

    An observation I owe to Mark Steyn.

  11. Bloke in Wiltshire

    Excellent. When I knock on doors and get told that people will vote lib Lib Dems, it’ll go like this:-

    “OK. But you aware that they’re supporting the Greens, the party that wants to get rid of Trident and stop you using your car?”

    Of course, all of this assumes that the LDs would rather have Greens than Conservatives. The way I look at it, the lefty nutjob vote in Brighton will already have tactically voted for Lucas as the incumbent. The Labour/LD vote that remained are the more sensible chunks of those parties that won’t vote Green. It’s possible that this could actually help the Conservatives as those voters will switch that way.

  12. ‘we have the best possible chance of delivering a fairer voting system and beating the Tories’

    Fair means “we win?”

  13. I doubt Lucas will lose her seat, more’s the pity. She is enormously irritating with that really patronising smile every time she is interviewed or rocks up on Question Time.
    As for the other Brighton seat. I suspect many Greens there will vote Labour rather than LD, so that’s perhaps not a shoe-in.

  14. Brighton. Was obliged to visit Brighton, on a daily basis, not so long ago. Someone really ought to hang a sign up over where the London Road crosses the A27 “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here”. It’s basically a city/state on its own & FA to do with the UK. Don’t know why they don’t apply for independent EU membership & their own seat at the UN. And diversity. “Brighton celebrates diversity!” Which for a town where you rarely see anyone not a pallid white (although the hair can be some alarming colours), is a remarkable claim. Did I mention they’ve declared war on the motor vehicle?

  15. Bis

    I think their football team’s accession to the Premier League will open a lot of the population’s eyes to just what ‘Green rule’ means if they have to visit Brighton…… Truly a depressing vision….

  16. john77 – we don’t have a system of what the majority wants. We have a system of what the majority of voters want only in a referendum. In a general election its what one party gets in a defined area that beats any other single party in that area. Can be well short of a majority to win but just has to beat the 2nd place party by 1 or more votes.

  17. So they didn’t want to waste their deposits?

    [goes away and reads up]

    Ah, deposits are not required for local council elections.

  18. That’s the only way they think they can win?

    Not a good message to the voters.

    One nutcase caller on the Jeremy Vine show called Boris’ “Mugwump” quip “The sort of filth we must eradicate from politics!” and a Labour stooge called it “bullying”. I wonder what those two rock apes think of three ganging up on one?

  19. Whenever I visit the seaside, I send Brighton a little email, telling them I’m taking my money elsewhere as I reuse to pay their extortionate parking charges.

  20. I think Brighton should lead by example and only be powered from “renewables” – sourced within the town administrative boundaries.

  21. @ Martin,
    We don’t usually have a majority and the system does normally generate an election victory for the majority when there is one – in 1931, 1935 and 1955 (Eden’s share of the vote appears to be below 50% because it excludes The Speaker and the stonking majorities that would have occurred in the uncontested seats in Ulster).

  22. I’m surprised that FPTP didn’t encourage more pre-poll horse-trading. Tactical voting happens, but, apparently, without the help of the beneficiaries.

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