Questions in the Huffington Post we can answer

What’s Old is New Again: Is Democratic Socialists of America the Future of the Left?



4 thoughts on “Questions in the Huffington Post we can answer”

  1. Right. The nation that just elected Donald Trump (with capitalist-friendly Hillary Clinton a close second) is going to embrace nationalizing the means of production.

    If there is a future for the left in America it’s with the kind of policies that benefit everyone, not just whoever is considered most downtrodden at the moment (these days it’s trans people). “Medicare for everybody” can win some voters. Low cost higher education can win some others. Socialist feminism? Not so much.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    The Left loses every campaign, but they win every election. Since 1968 or so, every single policy they have stood for, they have got implemented. The Republicans and the sane part of the Democrats have caved in time and time again.

    After all, who wants the racial insanity of Black Lives matter? Who wants Transsexuals in little girls’ bathrooms? No one stood on those issues.

    But the fruits and nuts want them and so the fruits and nuts will get them.

  3. @SMFS

    There are separate bathrooms for little girls? And there was me thinking that they used the ladies like every other self-identified women.

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