She’ll find out

The message I want to send my daughter is this: You are an awesome girl for not giving in to pressure to be and look a certain way. I want her to be proud to be a girl.

And she is starting to be. She is already vigilant about women’s rights. She does not understand why there are separate men’s and women’s sports teams,

About 30 seconds after puberty I would think.

The reason being that the adult hormone packages are so different that the lads will beat the shit out of the lassies in just about any exercise other than equestrianism and childbirth.

Even archery results are significantly different….

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  1. Tomboys are news?
    She’ll be fine so long as no-one messes about with her. Trouble is that’s a real possibility, given a mother who has investigated puberty blockers and teachers who’ve never heard of tomboys.

  2. Lisa Selin Bullshit is an active part –no doubt–of the New York Times commitment to “Truth”(TM Walter Duranty 1936).

  3. The world champion US soccer team lost 5-2 to a Dallas U15 development team.

    U15. The girl is an idiot if she doesn’t notice the difference between men and woman. More likely she parrors mums views back at her.

  4. So she’s a tomboy, big deal. Many teenager go through a period where they question their gender, their sexuality, everything.

    It’s perfectly normal, and can be dealt with relatively easily.

    What it doesn’t need is some cretinous transexual thug appropriating this confusion in an attempt to gain political clout and persuading her she needs to join the drugs and surgery loonies.

    Make no mistake, this pressure is far worse child abuse than anything Jimmy Savile ever did.

  5. “In fact, I love correcting them, making them reconsider their perceptions of what a girl looks like.”

    LSD, using her kid as a prop for her social agenda. Child abuse.

  6. What does anybody gives a toss about what a 7 years old girl think?

    All the girls that played rugby in my squad (4) left when we went from tags to contact. At U9.

  7. The killer for all of the “Fearless Girls” was clearly demonstrated in 1998 when Venus and Serena Williams reckoned they could beat a men ranked in the 200’s.

    Karsten Braasch who was ranked 203 took them up on their offer and despite treating their match with something verging on contempt, thrashed Serena soundly.

    In the end I won, but neither myself, nor Venus or Serena took the game too seriously – we were just having a bit of fun.

    Apparently, after the game, Serena and Venus immediately told the press they wanted to challenge a male player again. This time they revised the ranking of the man they wanted to face, to 350 in the world. I informed the journalist who told me this that in the next week I was set to lose a lot of ATP points and drop down to 350 in the rankings. I told him that if Venus and Serena waited just one week they could challenge me all over again!

    That never came about, but when I saw Venus a few months later at the French Open she came up to me with a big smile on her face and said, ‘You know that thing in Australia – it never happened!’,,543962,00.html

  8. I have to admit, when it comes to wrestling with a gal, I can’t make up my mind whether a “half nelson and crotch” is something I’d like to use or have used on me.

  9. It’s amazing (but not really) how the answer always tends towards MOAR re-education.

    Having spent years insisting everyone’s hypersensitive to interpreted gender, it’s now difficult to get them to stop. Everyone’s surprised.

  10. I was actually relieved to read that this woman accepts that a girl who is a tomboy is just that. There are some progressive mentalists who would insist that the girl is really a boy and sticking hormones down her neck at puberty.

  11. The writer of this particular op-ed lives in NYC, evidently writes for a living, and has a college degree in experimental feminist video. Just the sort of person you’d expect to navel-gaze about her seven year old daughter’s gender identification. Or whatever.

    Isn’t it wonderful that NYC exists, so that these sort of people don’t end up in places like, say, Westerville, Ohio?

  12. What MC says – it’s quite refreshing to see a story like this which doesn’t try to medicalise everything.

    She does not understand why there are separate men’s and women’s sports teams, why women earn less and why they don’t run our country.

    At the age of seven, most kids still half-believe in Santa Claus.

  13. “She does not understand why there are separate men’s and women’s sports teams, why women earn less and why they don’t run our country.”

    On the day our female Prime Minister calls a General Election.

  14. Not “even archery” but “especially archery” if you use a proper longbow, not a modern pretend version. The pull strength on a classic yew longbow is 120 lbs – when I was young and fit I weighed 116 lbs – the Agincourt archers could have lifted me one-handed!

  15. Men outperform women in ‘sports’ that are not physical strength based too – darts and snooker for example. Mainly because the single mindedness required to spend years practising a ‘pointless’ activity tends to be a male trait rather than a female one.

  16. The pull strength on a classic yew longbow is 120 lbs – when I was young and fit I weighed 116 lbs – the Agincourt archers could have lifted me one-handed!

    Which is why they were deformed.

  17. Tim,
    I think the draw weight on the longbows from the Mary Rose was even higher, although the estimates vary.

  18. Whilst in most sports watching women play is a bit dreary, I find the women’s beach volleyball quite exhilarating.

    Apparently, they even keep score although I’m not sure why.

  19. PGA/LPGA golf: distance off the tee is a critical skill.

    Men’s Top 5 Avg Driving distance: 310-318 yards.

    Women’s Top 5 Avg Driving distance: 273-275 yards.

    You have to go down to #195 oh the PGA list to get to 275 yards.

    Let’s see Rory McIlroy vs Lexi Thompson for big stakes.

    The women are quite skilled. But they couldn’t compete with any big club’s men’s amateur club champion. Best the women play each other. I’ll watch (til it’s all chunky Asian women).

  20. Personally I like the idea that some sports are mixed e.g. tag rugby – working with women is useful preparation for marriage.

  21. Interesting numbers from Notts County Ladies FC:
    I was extremely concerned that to operate Notts County Ladies for the current season was going to cost us approximately £500,000 – a figure principally made up of player and coaching salaries.

    “Our total projected incoming revenue from attendances and sponsorship was £28,000.

    Perhaps if more (any?) women attended, things wouldn’t be so bad?

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