Steve H says:
April 4 2017 at 2:38 pm
I guess its how far back you want to draw the date line? Gibraltar was British before the US was American but I can’t see many people suggesting the US should pass sovereignty to the native Indians. The hypocrisy of Spain in relation to Gibraltar when it has two Spanish enclaves in North Africa is hard to reconcile. Surely she should give these back to Morocco before trying to raise the issue of Gibraltar? Perhaps the UK should give Gibraltar back to the Morocco not Spain as the Moors inhabited Gibraltar for 500 years before the Spanish. Or perhaps I should study more tax and all would become clear 🙂

Richard Murphy says:
April 4 2017 at 5:43 pm
The clear anachronism is now Utrecht

And tit for tax is excerpionally childish – as I suspect you know

Spain does also not operate tax havens

So your arguments are pretty hollow

Ceuta and Melilla are tax havens. 50% the normal corporate and income tax rates….

Does his knowledge ever start?

17 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. The Vigo and Valencia Ports are tax havens, tariffs and VAT aren’t due until the goods leave the ports. So most importing companies have offices and whatehouses inside it and only have to pay taxes after they sell whatever they imported

  2. And, the sheer cheek of it – if your tax rate is not to Ritchie’s liking, he would remove your right to self-determination.

  3. That clear anachronism that is now Utrecht – would that be the same Utrecht as was the home of Dr. Strabismus (whom God preserve) ?
    I can’t believe that he would have got up to any dodgey tax business – and who is this Murphey fellow anyway?

  4. if your tax rate is not to Ritchie’s liking, he would remove your right to self-determination.

    I don’t think he’s got the muscle.

  5. Craig Murray comes across as a tool doesn’t he…. And he used to be an ambassador! Wasn’t intelligence one of the criteria used for selecting ambassadors?

  6. From his reasoning Monaco invades French territory, San Marino and the Vatican invade Italian territory…. What a prick!

  7. Craig Murray comes across as a tool doesn’t he

    Does he ever! He made a complete prick of himself as Ambassador in Uzbekistan when he went around mouthing off about the Uzbek government – something an Ambassador is really *not* supposed to do. So he got fired for it, and then went complaining to anyone who would listen about how stressful his life was and how his health had suffered in Tashkent, failing to point out that his wife and kids had left him because he’d taken up with Uzbek woman half his age.

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