Serena Williams’s pregnant victory reminds us how amazing women’s bodies are
Natasha Henry
The tennis star triumphed at the Australian Open without dropping a set while in her first trimester. Are women the weaker sex? I don’t think so

Hmm, little meiotic glob of cells that no one would note if it just slipped away, or were forcibly removed.

Funny how the descriptions of early stage pregnancy change dependent upon the point being made, isn’t it?

BTW, as to women being the stronger sex, in terms of endurance yes quite probably. Don’t forget that your great grandmother – dependent upon your age today possibly your great great – and all her forbears in the matriarchal line spent the entirety of their adult lives pregnant, suckling or too old to do either.

Women doing stuff while pregnant is the natural state of humanity.

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  1. Thanks to an unfortunate sequence of blog posts I am now thinking of Serena’s Snippa and suddenly the Bran Flakes no longer look so appetising.

  2. Pregnancy improves endurance performance: remember the E German athletes whose training included pregnancy and labortion? “Abortion doping”

  3. “Funny how the descriptions of early stage pregnancy change dependent upon the point being made, isn’t it?”

    It’s almost as if they believed in nothing that didn’t advance their cause, isn’t it?

  4. And yet, a friend of mine was telling me Friday night about her colleague who is good for nothing at the moment because she’s pregnant and sick all the time…

    Then again, her colleague works in the civil service.

  5. “Funny how the descriptions of early stage pregnancy change dependent upon the point being made, isn’t it?”

    Thank you Tim, so very well put.

  6. Reading book on chain & anchor making in the Black Country… Women working in the chain shop would take a day off to give birth, returning following morning with well-wrapped baby which was placed in box close to warmth of hearth, and work full shift punctuated with feeding sprog. One notable character worked 6.00am to 6.00pm before walking across the street to her home, giving birth, and returning to forge at 10.00pm to continue chain-making. She passed away in 1969 at the age of 74.

  7. The Inimitable Steve

    No harm to Serena Williams, who is a brilliant lady tennis player and probably a lovely person.

    But she looks like she could swat biplanes out of the sky from the top of the Empire State Building.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Serena Williams may be tough. But she got her butt kicked by a man so lowly ranked that no one has ever heard of him:

    A 16-year-old Serena competed in a tennis “Battle of the Sexes”, along with her sister Venus Williams, against Karsten Braasch at the 1998 Australian Open.[57] At the time Braasch was ranked 203rd. The Williams sisters had claimed they could beat any man outside the top 200, and he accepted the challenge. Not known for having an ideal training regimen, Braasch nonetheless beat both Williams sisters, playing a single set against each. The score vs Serena was 6–1 and vs Venus 6–2.[58] Braasch said afterwards, “500 and above, no chance.” The girls later tweaked the number to beating men outside the top 350.

    The best female player of her generation, and perhaps of all time, and she got humiliated by a nobody.

  9. The blob of cells is irrelevant to athletic performance. The physiological changes of early pregnancy are not. Most (but not all) women suffer from morning sickness during the first trimester.

  10. ‘Some evidently still think that women are the fairer sex, the weaker and the less capable of the two genders.’

    Natasha Henry is in La La land. Okay, it is fairer that Serena beat another woman. But wait . . . a non-pregnant woman couldn’t beat Serena! How lame is that?

    BWTM: That non-pregnant woman was Serena’s sister. So now we have to listen to not only stupid rhetoricals like ‘Are women the weaker sex?,’ we are now getting “Are pregnant women the weaker sex?”

    Juvenile journalism. Thanks, Guardian!

  11. Exceptional women (in her field) beats woman. This proves that women in general are strong?

    An eleven year old golfer qualifies for the US Women’s Open. You go girl, gloat the feminists [reasonable as far as it goes], that’s sticking it to the Man [no it’s not]. It’s a great achievement for the child, but it raises question marks about the strength in depth of women’s sport.

    Same thing goes when feminists complain about the patriarchal conspiracy whereby the women’s volleyball team or basketball team or something, unbeaten since 1945 or sometime, of the University of Rhode Island or Connecticut or somewhere hasn’t been given a fraction of the media attention given to men’s teams that are far less dominant in their sport. No strength in depth in women’s sport. One player or one team can dominate in ways that are impossible in men’s sport.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    Slightly OT

    I went on a tour of the RNLI college in Poole on Saturday. There’s a memorial outside for all those who died trying to save lives at sea, rivers, lakes etc. Not just RNLI but the general public as well.

    At the moment there’s 700+ names on it and another 200 to go on it. Only one is a woman.

    On the other hand that may change now that lifeboats have female crew:

    but it doesn’t account for the lack of incidences in the general population.

  13. Weird – another song I was taught at primary school in the 1970s. From a school song book. Thinking back now, it seems all the songs we were taught in music lessons in primary school in the 1970s from official school song books were 1960s pop songs. Lily The Pink. Puff The Magic Dragon. Melting Pot. Black and White. Streets of London. At the time I just assumed they were ancient traditional songs or summut. After all, they were in a proper published song book. Do today’s schools have official school music books for teaching 2000s pop hits?

  14. Bloke in North Dorset


    I didn’t check, but according to Wiki Grace died of natural causes not during a rescue.

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