Two recent conversations gave me the clues I needed to unwrap my own thinking.

The first of those conversations was about the need for change. During it I was reminded that it takes courage to create change. But more than that: it takes courage to see ourselves in a true light, which we have to do if we are to realise that change is required.

The second was about my dog. Someone commented on his apparent obedience. And it is true that he does seem to be remarkably good at obeying my commands. But as I explained, his whole freedom to walk without a lead and so to explore the world as he sniffs it is based on his willingness to accept the constraints I impose. In a strange way that takes courage as well. It requires that he trust me.

Our relationship to the State should be as a spaniel to a Snippa.

You know what, I don’t think that’s an idea I’ll sign up to.

23 thoughts on “Snippa Spud”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    But more than that: it takes courage to see ourselves in a true light

    F**k me but the man is shameless.

  2. “…it takes courage to see ourselves in a true light, which we have to do if we are to realise that change is required.”

    Do you think he has been reading this blog?!…

  3. But can we really be trusted off the lead, we might try to avoid tax, vote for a non-progressive party, eat unhealthy food and behave in other unacceptable ways, better that the state control every aspect of our lives.

  4. I can’t imagine Murphy ever owning a cat.

    How would he be able to bear an independent animal with its own wishes entirely unaffected by Murphy’s commands to obey him (and observe his comments policy).

    Come here! COME HERE!

    If you don’t come here you will not be living in my house any longer!

  5. But with his constant sniping at a government run by a party that may well be in power for the rest of his working life, and sniping at various government agencies (eg HMRC) it is plain he doesn’t trust the state.

    He certainly doesn’t trust it enough to work for the State (being a bollock professor doesn’t count).

    His big problem (from his own perspective) is that the state is run by the wrong people. But he has no plan on 1) how to remove the incumbents (they won’t go quietly) and 2) how to find suitable replacements

  6. The Meissen Bison

    I needed to unwrap my own thinking.
    it takes courage to see ourselves in a true light

    Snippa defeated by the mental knots.

  7. More proof, it it were needed, that the socialist always sees himself (and its usually a him) as the master and never the dog (or kulak)

  8. I wouldn’t trust him to find his arse with both hands
    as the old saying goes.

    obnoxious deluded buffoon

  9. Certainly there’s an awful lot of stool inspections, followed by assiduous bottom licking, that takes place over at TRUK amongst the on-message commentators and Murphy himself.

    A real dog pack mentality.

  10. His dog apparently enjoys true freedom through absolute obedience.

    “Obedience is Freedom”

    I’m sure Orwell is looking down and cursing the trick he missed writing 1984.

  11. The dog is only obedient because as part of its conditioning he had its nadgers cut off, in the mind of the dog the next thing to be cut off for disobedience is its nose.

    If they won’t love you then fearing you is the next best thing.

  12. Btw, how long before ProgressivePustule bursts?

    Spud seems to see it as a vehicle for views of which he approves. The comments policy is very similar to TRUK’s – eg “time-wasting” = ‘disagreeing with me’ – as PF observed the other day. But he denies, quite disingenuously, that he wants to be in control:

    …the not-for-profit company that publishes the site is based at my address and I am a director because I have experience of such things and not because I am not making editorial decisions. These are being undertaken by a collective effort.

    Spud’s ego doesn’t do collective. So how long before that bunch of clowns fall out fissiparously, and ProgressivePustule bursts?

  13. The Meissen Bison

    I suspect Theo’s right. The site will morph from The Collective Chickpea via The Fatuous Flageolet into The Languishing Lentil.

  14. Can’t you almost smell Murphy’s pomposity?

    A normal human being might say that someone had given them a good idea. But no, the Sage of Ely can never be less than omniscient, so the most any mere mortal can do is help “unlock” something that is already in the Great Man’s mind, but which has been buried under the huge mass of knowledge with which it overflows.

  15. Hang on – did Jolyon actually write this piece of self-serviing crap himself?

    The tag says he did, and no-one else seems to write on that blog.

    The man is approaching Murphyesque levels of arrogance.

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