So Naomi Klein does get markets then

Naomi Klein has revealed she is to publish a book taking on the Trump administration, arguing that a corporate political takeover got him elected and that a rise in activism can be utilised to resist his policies.

No Is Not Enough is the most rapidly written book by the acclaimed Canadian writer and activist, a respected political thinker with a huge following since her 1999 book No Logo. She only began writing it two months ago and it will be published by in June.

Klein said that while she usually spent at least five years researching and writing her books, she felt it was important to put a book out immediately to put Trump into the context of the ideas she has spent the past two decades researching.

“An unprecedented number of people are becoming engaged in movements and politics, which is the silver lining of Trump,” said Klein.

Give’em what they want, whatever the dreck they want is.

Above all, cash in on the passing changes in taste.

Yep, she understands markets. Pity her books never betray this.

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  1. “An unprecedented number of people are becoming engaged in movements and politics, which is the silver lining of Trump,” said Klein.”

    Yeah–and the Miner’s strike was going to “radicalise” everybody and her Mother back in the 80s.

    I guess Brexit proved how well that piece of socialist prophecy went.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Klein said that while she usually spent at least five years researching and writing her books

    You have to admire how effortless she makes it all look. You could read all her books end to end and not discover the slightest inkling of the research and hard work she put in.

  3. “arguing that a corporate political takeover got him elected ”

    That Trump’s opponent was right in the pocket of big business and Wall Street has managed to evade her consciousness then? Big Business may have cosied up to Trump after he was elected, but they do that to anyone, business is business after all. If anyone was in the pocket of the corporate interests from the get go it was Hillary. But I suppose that fact has been consigned to the memory hole now. Hillary is and always was the woman of the people, loved by the peasants in the manner of Evita.

    And the fact that the one candidate who could have argued they had a ground roots campaign was the one the Democrats decided should be thrown under the bus in favour of Hillary.

    You really couldn’t make this shit up.

  4. John Square in Leer


    I’m sorry, it doesn’t take five years to write anything. Stephen King makes this point over and over again- if it takes you this long to write a book, you be slacking off.

    And the comparison to Klein is valid: both are fiction writers

  5. What is it about people who aren’t American getting so obsessed with what America does?

    Naomi’s Canadian. The impact of US policy on Canada, fair enough. Otherwise, what’s it to her?

    I noticed this with Brasilian friends living in England getting overjoyed when Barry got elected in 2008. As though McCain would have had any real impact on their lives.

    (My main joy at Trump getting elected was because I wouldn’t have to put up with such people idiotically gloating about something that’s none of their business, followed by a hope that he’d be better for England than Clinton)

  6. ‘Her last book, This Changes Everything, published in 2014, discussed how unregulated capitalism was a direct cause of catastrophic climate change. She said this book would make similar vital links between austerity, racism, the corporate world, climate change and the importance of oil prices to Trump’s determination to instigate a fossil fuel frenzy.’

    In other words, she prefers Venezuela.

  7. @Cynic,

    Two reasons.

    Firstly it is still the leading political and economic power, we all should be interested in it and it is highly entertaining. Further to this point the contours of the American political landscape slightly maps our own, so there is somewhat a little bit of proxie alligences. It is fun is what I am saying.

    Secondly, its all part of the virtue signalling fuckwittery. Notice how a few months into Trumps presidency the fairweather protestors (the WIs, the norms, the concerned guardian reading citizens) have been all protested out and are now spending weekends enjoying the weather. Only the serial protestors (the hard left) still bother to build for ANOTHER demo against racism or Trump etc.

    Trump allows a number of British people to find an easy target that is fueled by shared hallucinations (Trump is Hitler, Trump will lead to war??????? That second one is the worst as there are plenty of conflicts going on and on what basis…?) and expressing opposition to a foreign power they can achieve the following:

    A fun day out and a story to tell at a dinner party; A sense of moral worth for having ‘stood up’ (marching aimlessly in some arse end of the world) against something bad; A group experience that reinforces their simplistic (and losing I might add) worldview of ‘goodies vs badies’.

  8. Chuckle.

    Yep, the firstly one I got. So far as US policy affects us, it makes sense.

    Then second one… reminds me of a (re?)tweet by Godfrey Elfwick, where he mentioned a traffic cone being thrown at an anti-Trump protest in Leeds, narrowly missing the president by several thousand miles.

    (I used to work at a place that frequently had protesters outside. Only on days when the weather was okay, though. Always quiet when it was cold or wet.)

  9. I find it quite strange that this self obsessed harridan is supposedly financially supported by actual book sales and an actual paying readership.

    There’s just something about the way she deploys victimhood that is positively creepy – iirc she blamed climate science deniers for a miscarriage.


    The above might be construed as ad-hom – but she always seems to manage to put herself stage centre in her overwrought life dramas.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Talking of protesting I see from Guido that Momentum is demonstrating outside the New Statesman and demanding 30 pages in the next issue.

    The only thing that is reliable about the left is their ability to fall out with themselves.

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