Someone else’s turn

Debating Scottish economic data on BBC Scotland at 12.30 today

That’s Ritchie on GERS.

Anyone good enough at typing to give us a transcript? Interested enough?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    No greater love hath a man than he lay down and listen to Ritchie for the rest of the blog.

    In the meantime the rest of us might like to go off topic and mourn the passing of J. Geils:

    Famous for pretty much one song – Centerfold. And a delightful little bit of pop it is too. Although no doubt that is partly just nostalgia for my early 40s. Anyway I did like this bit:

    When not playing music, Geils was restoring sports cars, starting a performance shop, KTR European Motorsports, in Ayer, Mass., after he started collecting Italian motorcycles and sports cars. According to Hemmings, a car-collecting marketplace online, by the time he sold the business about a decade ago, it was known as the “house that rock built.”

    When people retire they are supposed to blow their money on a B&B if they are stuck in the UK, or a vineyard in the south of France if they have worked for the government and so have some real money. However vintage Italian cars seems so much more classy as a way of blowing through your windfall. Good for him.

  2. “In the meantime the rest of us might like to go off topic and mourn the passing of J. Geils”

    My creaking brain, from where I don’t know, summoned up a memory that the J Geils Band supported the Rolling Stones at Ashton Gate, home ground of Bristol City and a stadium within hearing distance of my childhood home and Google confirms that indeed they did on 27 June 1982.

    I seem to remember there were lots of complaints about the noise………..

  3. “Debating Scottish economic data on BBC Scotland at 12.30 today”

    Does he ever actually debate? I mean with people who know what they are talking about and disagree with him?

  4. I wondered if the BBC might be useful enough to supply transcripts themselves but of course they don’t:

    Q: Can I get a transcript of a BBC programme?

    A: We don’t make transcripts of our programmes so can’t provide them. Sorry about that.

    Anyone know about software speech to text apps?

  5. “So does anyone agree with you?”

    “I don’t care if anyone agrees with me. I’ve changed the World; I’m sorry for you if you haven’t”

    Madman, a complete madman.

  6. It says something about the man that I can’t tell if Rusty has given us an actual quote or just an imagining of how things might have gone down.

  7. magnusw:

    He actually said that.

    Hague did as well as you can in the face of Murphy’s insanity. There were mentions of “the establishment amongst other things.

  8. GERS is “made up”.

    The Scottish Gov’t in 2014 was right to use it then but the “reality” has changed; Scotland is no longer a “part ofthe rest of the United Kingdom” (whatever that means) and so “the “new reality needs new data”.

    Apparently the data the separatists used for an independence referendum is aladequate up data forced on them by Westminster.

    Apparently also being the only person who believes in something, at odds with all other authority, doesn’t make him an outlier.


  9. John Square

    Yep, on national radio.

    It should be available on iPlayer shortly – I’ll post a link.

  10. @GlenDorran

    Well, fuck me. I fear that he’s actually had that breakdown. Too many mutually exclusive thoughts in his head at one time.

    Which of his many… achievements(?)… was he referring to?

  11. How can you debate something you believe to be completely fabricated? He’s on record as claiming these figures are “made up” by the UK government, which would involve a fairly startling and large conspiracy. So what’s to debate?

    “They are fiction”
    “Er no, they are not”
    “Are, and that’s your last contribution here”,

  12. “I don’t care if anyone agrees with me. I’ve changed the World; I’m sorry for you if you haven’t”

    Queen’s Award for Outstanding Cuntery.

  13. And Murphy’s being a smug obnoxious cunt after the fact as well. Kevin was delayed as he couldn’t get his car parked – Murphy pompously sneering that he got there early.

    Kevin of course runs several companies and said earlier that he had rescheduled a board meeting in order to appear. Murphy appears to have a lighter diary.

  14. The Meissen Bison

    Perhaps if you have a tuberous brain, you work with that branch of statistics that most resembles homeopathy and that strand of economic thought that derives from astrology.

  15. If you are a tax director of an MNE your might well consider that he has changed the world, or at least your world. Without RM, Prem Sikka, Picciotto and others it is probable that the OECD would not have sought the adoption of Country by Country reporting. He and his mates are trying to change it further in that they see CBC (a notch on the bed post for them) as the first stage on the road to unitary taxation and formulary apportionment which would allow the denial of a role for intangible assets when allocating taxable profit as taxable profits really belong where labour is toiling.

    What I find intriguing is his insistence on the title of Professor, which is means very little as he does not have a chair at City, Indeed his grade at City is that of a senior lecturer (, but then a senior lecture such as he cannot be an outlier and has views that are more to be accepted than the real professors who actually know stuff.

  16. I wonder if Kevin Hague shook Murphy’s hand and, if he did, whether he will contract the skin complaint which seems to afflict Murphy.

  17. > Anyone know about software speech to text apps?

    Not really but my new Panasonic recorder/DVD player seems to have them built in. Turn on subtitles on any programme and up they come. Watching the Masters this weekend threw up some gems. Such as ” he would bury that putt, if it was just a practise round” came out as “he woodberry……”

  18. “I wonder if Kevin Hague shook Murphy’s hand and, if he did, whether he will contract the skin complaint which seems to afflict Murphy.”

    Out of interest, what was it croaked Idi Amin?
    Murphy’s certainly starting to sound increasingly like him He’ll be claiming to be the rightful king of Jockistan next.

    That said, given his second passport, it’s not hard to see why “thick fucking Paddy’s” such an enduring description amongst the rest of the inhabitants of the British Isles. Murphy. Doing his upmost to keep the thick in Mick.

  19. @Ian Reid – I think it’s the broadcaster using speech to text software to then broadcast to your TV; the Beeb’s technology research team are getting really quite good at it but it’s not perfect

  20. BraveFart

    To be fair Kevin would need very long arms; Murphy was in a BBC studio in Cambridge.

    I.personally would.struggle to shake the hand of the snide git who, minutes before we came on air, starting making sarky little remarks on Twitter about my “parking” (Kevin struggled to find a spot) and then proceeded to complain about me being rude.

    AND (and this really hurts) he repeated his complaint that Hague had blocked him on Twitter, but when I consequently posted a complaint on his blog that he had blocked me… he deleted my post!!

  21. “So does anyone agree with you?”

    “I don’t care if anyone agrees with me. I’ve changed the World; I’m sorry for you if you haven’t”

    That can’t be real can it? If so he needs to stop using the crackpipe, for his and the wider community’s health……

  22. Ironman

    I see, thanks. Still not decided if I can stand the blood pressure increase it would cause to listen to this.

  23. BraveFart

    Well, it’s hardly life-enhancing stuff.

    The only advance it gave us was Hague picking up on Beattie’s assertion (probably in the interests of impartiality) that half the people believed the GERS data; half didn’t. Consequently even Murphy accepts that he is a lone voice. This is because, in his mind, he has integrity; not just a complete hatstand.

    He has also changed his position. Whereas previously it was all a condemnation of the use of estimates rendering the results too insecure for use, now it’s all about GERS only being useful for Scotland as an integral part of the UK (which isn’t true anyway) and not useful for an independent Scotland. He made this switch mid-debate (as all the best con artists can), latching onto the Scottish government’s opening statement that an independent Scotland’s finances would.depend on the decisions made post-independence.

  24. Poor Richard! I thought Kevin basically walked all over him.

    Beattie kept asking them both, of third parties: “were they lying, telling the truth, or being stupid.”

    Skip the telling the truth bit, and it’s what Beattie should have asked Richard directly.

  25. I was never quite with those who said Spud was hatstand, but after that telling comment, I have to say I’m on board. No one who was in possession of all their marbles would say that, on a public broadcast would they? I mean if you’re a narcissistic PoS you’d probably think it, but come out and say it too?

  26. “PF

    Poor Richard! I thought Kevin basically walked all over him”

    It doesn’t matter.

    For desperate, gullible people with no legs, hearing someone say “apply this ointment and your legs will grow back” is easier to listen to than hearing “I’m afraid all the medical world is against Mr Murphy’s absurd claims. Legs don’t grow back, they can’t”

    When Murphy runs out of legless people to scam and disappoint, he moves on to people with terminal cancer.

  27. Christ on toast with Marmite, I’ve not listened to the broadcast, but their ain’t half some vigorous mutual masturbation and 69s between him and his camp follower commenters in the Murphy blog about this.

    And not one critical comment – I wonder if anyone bothered to try to post one. I don’t bother with the odious fat cvnt’s blog any more, as I’ve accepted that my views are unlikely ever to “contribute to the debate” over there.

  28. Andrew C nails it, he is selling snake oil. And when confronted with the failure of his oil to do what was promised he simply skips message, mid-sentence if necessary: “It definitely does this. What? You say I said it does this? No, I said it does that. That is what II trying to say if you would just try to understand and not get personal”.

    Before GERS there was the nature of money and tax providing or not providing the revenue for governments to spend. Before that there was tax incidence. He will happily write today what he wholly disavowed yesterday. He is a con-man and his most gullible victim is himself.

  29. Andrew C / Ironman

    “Snake oil” – Agreed.

    “He is a con-man and his most gullible victim is himself.”

    Ahhh.. That’ll be the lying “and” stupid gambit..:)

  30. plus his main objection to GERS now seems to be that it measures spending in Scotland that isn’t spent by the Scottish government, rather mandated by Westminster

    to which surely the response is “so fucking what”

    GERS is a measure of what is raised and spent in Scotland. Its still spent there irrespective of who spends it and if, in their infinite wisdom, the scots decide they no longer want Westminster spending money in Scotland then either the Scottish government spends it or it isn’t fucking spent

  31. BF

    This is priceless:

    ‘Everyone who disagrees with Kevin gets blocked. Although to be fair, in my case, I blocked him first, because he was aggressively retweeting me with sarcastic and dishonest remarks. He does not like being challenged.’

    The total lack of self awareness is spellbinding

  32. “I really don’t care who agrees with me or not…. My ego does not require a lot of people to say whether Im right or wrong, yours does. But lets not worry about that”

    Thats a direct quote.

  33. What a massive, massive cunt. Still, it’s good news that he is still a massive cunt, because he is broadcasting what a massive cunt he is and no one will want to get within 10 miles of him, so he stays out of power.

  34. So Much For Subtlety

    He is the David Ickes of the accounting world. He has the same delusion beliefs, only more dangerous. He has the same fan boys. Actually they are probably some of the same people.

    And in the end he will have the same crushing realisation. The question is whether Ritchie is strong enough to survive. I think perhaps not.

  35. @Bloke in North Dorset, April 13, 2017 at 6:54 am

    I have I missed something as there’s no vid there that I can see?

    Hmm, I must investigate…

    …investigation over.

    Lack of video is due to source: BBC.Radio.Scotland


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