Something left over from the Empire

At least 200 Indian paramilitary police were hospitalised with suspected food poisoning after eating meals at a training camp in the southern state of Kerala, police said Sunday.
Training cadets and security forces belonging to the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) complained of diarrhoea and vomiting after eating rice and fish curry for dinner on Saturday at a training camp in Ernakulam district.

No, not Delhi Belly.

The guard accused senior officials of siphoning funds meant for food rations,

That, rather used to run riot thourgh the Armed Forces, did it not?

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  1. Yes, back in ancient history.

    More recently, (1960s?), it was the same sort of corruption, as opposed to simple theft, that has hit the US Navy over the last couple of years. Pursers / Supply Officers (where they were different) receiving kickbacks from Admiralty Agents for choosing them rather than their competitors.

    In the UK, it meant NAAFI as sole supplier, with all of the incompetence that introduced. I particularly remember loading up for Granby and noting that stuff was “use by” a couple of weeks (by which time we were probably going to be no further than Suez.)

    But, it did work the other way, sometimes. I remember onloading “minced beef, unminced” in Florida in the ’80s – which was decent quality steak and served as such.

  2. SE: A few examples?

    You don’t need much of an “honor code” to recognise dishonesty. Esp when the dishonesty threatens the supposed reason for their existence. It will be a poor look out if the US Army ever really needs to suddenly deploy the 85 % of their trucks that have been falsely certified as being in working condition.

  3. Corruption in the military – in India?

    I’ve read some accounts of the British military in India that featured some pretty epic antics from our own side’s bent supply and logistics folk. Diverting large piles of our boys guns and ammo to the enemy for cash in some cases.

    That said – a single incompetent (or malicious) cook can cause absolute mayhem. I have been poisoned several times in hot climates by idiot cooks who’ve defrosted meats at ambient temperatures for several days or washed fruit and veg with water of unknown provenance.

    The cooks are an important part of an army – they are not always treated as such – and the consequences are always the same…. Napoleon etc.

  4. You misunderstand. The US Academy Honor Codes are insanely restrictive. This stops you doing things that are honest, reasonable or justified, but are against some rule somewhere.

    The worlds’ militaries, like many (all) other organisations, has to break the rules from time to time. Some of the time these are trivial, and within the competence of a relatively junior officer or a SNCO. At other times they are significant risk management decisions which need to be properly staffed up to the relevant decision maker (often the formation Chief of Staff.)

    Notwithstanding the routine daily signing of false documents throughout the U.S. military officer corps

    This does not reflect on my pushing 30 years experience in the UK military. I don’t recognise it from my experience with the US military in joint operations.

    But their documentation was certainly odd to our eyes – they made you fill out forms for trivial stuff but I was once given (long term loan) a network crypto device (albeit without key mat) without being made to sign for it. Something that wouldn’t happen, and certainly shouldn’t, in the UK military.

  5. Surreptitious Evil, have you read Ken Connor’s book Ghost Force, and in particular the bit about getting the comms gear and Stingers from US forces at the outbreak of the Falklands War?

  6. “The worlds’ militaries, like many (all) other organisations, has to break the rules from time to time.”

    Reed isn’t talking about a bit of rule-bending for a good cause. He is talking about blatant fraud and dishonesty in the cause of self interest. Signing to say 85% of the US Army’s trucks are in working order when that is not only untrue but is the exact opposite of the truth is madness.

  7. Signing to say 85% of the US Army’s trucks are in working order when that is not only untrue but is the exact opposite of the truth is madness.

    It well may be.

    But that doesn’t mean

    All militaries are rotten and socialistic in organisation.

    It doesn’t even mean that the US Army is socialist (or whatever you mean by socialistic?)

  8. SE: Centrally controlled/planned. Supremely bureaucratic. Zero feedback. Exists in a blizzard of self-serving lies that it dare not see exposed. Zero internal alternatives let alone competition. Obsessed with creating a false front. Has failed almost every time since WW2 but still puts up a huge bogus front( meaning the US military in this particular ).

    No they mostly don’t parrot soviet-type propaganda nowadays . It has been replaced by modern SJW CM cockrot.

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