Telegraph subs not reading own articles


Pound soars to six-month high after Theresa May calls general election, but £46bn wiped off FTSE 100 in worst day since Brexit vote

At bottom of article:

Stocks, however, were rattled by the announcement. The FTSE 100, which tends to be inversely correlated to the pound as around 70pc of its constituents are dollar earners, suffered its worst day since the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote. It surrendered 180.09 points, or 2.46pc, to close at 7,147.50, wiping almost £46bn off the value of Britain’s biggest blue chips.

The headline should therefore read “because” not “but.”

2 thoughts on “Telegraph subs not reading own articles”

  1. ‘The headline should therefore read “because” not “but.”’

    Don’t be silly. That’s what they’d do if they were in the news business. The legacy press stopped doing that years ago.

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