That Timmy recolonisation of Bangladesh campaign

So, the sub of my pieces for the Dhaka Tribune, after a conversation where I reveal that I did a bit of subbing in 1991 Moscow – alongside Mark Ames – , says:

Oh my, you were a sub-editor before I was even born

Err, yes, yes, thank you for that.

Just what every man of increased maturity wants to hear, right?

17 thoughts on “That Timmy recolonisation of Bangladesh campaign”

  1. Yeah, know just how you feel. The guy who programmed my new boiler today asked me when I moved to Bilbao.

    ‘Wow, I wasn’t born until 15 years later’

    And his hair was going grey!

    Makes you feel great!

  2. Of course, there’s a certain satisfaction in doing it to others.
    “I’ve been doing [X job] since before you were born, (laddie/lassie).”

  3. Oh, you knew Ames? Not always my thing, but he certainly doesn’t lack for bollocks. Did you ever read The Exile?

  4. Fun fact! If you’re over 50 years old, you were born closer to the end of the First World War than the present day.

  5. As I have often been told, and in fact many times before I eventually clocked-up my three-score years and ten, “It is all part of the aging process.”

  6. Very vaguely knew Ames. Might have met him physically perhaps once. The Exile and there was a paper before as well which went bust wasn’t there? Still remember a particular Taibbi piece, Yeltsin wakes up from a cocaine jag and wonders what the hell has happened to the SU. Actually tried out for a job on the paper, did a couple of test pieces. They were thinking of a business section…..never launched.

  7. The worst is when you go to the doctor (mine is same age as me) and he starts by saying “Well, for a man of your age….”

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    “If you’re 59, you were born closer to Queen Victoria’s reign than the present day.”

    That’s a depressing thought to start the day. But I shall cheer up because the sun is shining and it’s spring and that means there’s lots of golf to be played, sailing to be sailed and a motorhome to travel where I like sat on the drive, all this while the drones go to work.

  9. I’m almost 48. You old buggers are at least making me feel young, so you do have your uses.

  10. I don’t mind being 59 (in a couple of months), but the fact that Murphy is also 59 irks me as it gives those of us at that age a bad name.

  11. Hehehe, as a five year old, my brother asked my (awfully well to-do) Grandmother if she was around when the dinosaurs lived. I think it took her at least a decade to forgive him that one!

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