There could be an answer here

The real question is a simple one: why is HMRC apparently happy with collecting maybe £100 million less than might reasonably be due? I’m not blaming Google.

Myself I’d put it down to the law defining what is due and the law defines that £100 million as not being due.

But you know, maybe I’m just a stickler over tax accounting.

7 thoughts on “There could be an answer here”

  1. It’s disappointing that there’s no real counter-voice in the media.

    If someone was wandering around saying we could all live for ever and wasn’t it outrageous that doctors weren’t helping us live for ever and if doctors were saying we couldn’t live for ever when it was obvious that we could then that must mean there’s a conspiracy between doctors who are probably helping all their mates live forever, then he’d be dismissed in the media as a dangerous loon.

    But that is what Murphy is doing when talking about tax.

  2. Andrew C

    The one thing I would say is the more the public is exposed to Murphy the more the idea that he is a ‘dangerous loon’ is lodging in their consciousness. He is by some margin the most idiotic medium/ high profile commentator wheeled out by the usual suspects commentating in the UK at present.

  3. Rob

    He is VERY careful about who he offends these days and how he offends. Take a look at the way he makes sure he does not libel Graeme Roy in his recent post on GERS.

    Fortunately Murphy makes our lives easier for us: he is a GERS denier. If he believe sweat je writes.he is a loon; or he doesn’t believe it and is in fact a scheming publicity-seeking liar.

  4. Bloke in Wiltshire

    Andrew C,

    “It’s disappointing that there’s no real counter-voice in the media.”

    I disagree. We’ve just had a president elected who basically did it using Twitter. If that election had been run 15 years earlier, it would have been Jeb Bush vs Hilary Clinton. The MSM would have advanced those two as the “reasonable” choices and ignored Trump.

    I think what’s hard to grasp is how the MSM is losing influence. We think they still matter because they historically did, and also because the alternative media is spread around. The new guys aren’t huge organisations like the Mail or The Guardian but the likes of Prison Planet, Guido Fawkes and so forth.

    Here’s a number for you: PJ Watson of Prison Planet has 10 times the number of YouTube subscribers as Owen Jones. Does the BBC pull PJ into a studio to discuss politics as often as young Owen? Do the media report on Prison Planet’s 500,000 video views like they talk about Private Eye’s rise to 287,000 subscribers?

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