This is a first from the New Economic Foundation

As an Economist in our team you will be a key part of building the case for a new economy and should share our outlook and priorities . You could be working on projects in housing, finance and monetary policy, environment or any other area of our work. You should also be looking to deepen and expand our work and coming up with original ideas as to how to do so.

You will be able to write accessibly for both policy and general public audiences and be comfortable representing NEF in external networks and in the media.

If you are interested in joining us and believe you can help us to shape the economy to enable real change to real people we want to hear from you.

If you would like an informal discussion, please contact David Powell on 0207 820 6362 ([email protected])

Please send a completed application form and equal opportunities form in Word format to [email protected] by 9am, Monday 24 April 2017.

Interviews will take place on Thursday 4 May 2017 at our London office.

Be the first time they’ve had someone on the team able to tell their arse from the economy, won’t it?

22 thoughts on “This is a first from the New Economic Foundation”

  1. On their equal opportunities form. All categories’ tick box options include ‘prefer not to say’. If someone ticked it for everything and NEF didn’t discriminate against them for it then that’s about as equal opportunity as you can get isn’t it?

  2. problem is, the only “new ideas” they’re interested in are the ones that lead to “MOAR TAXES” as a conclusion.

  3. “prefer not to say” is an inadequate response.

    They need a tick box for “Mind your own business”.

  4. Whilst Hallowed Be was writing that, I was thinking “but he’s missed out fucking at least twice”….

  5. AAAARRRRFGGGGHHH!!!!!!! There’s no such dailling code as 0207. London has had 8-digit telephone numbers for more than 15 years.

  6. I couldn’t afford the paycut. Seriously, £60k a year to live in London? The land of £2,000 a month rents, 40% marginal tax rates and £5 pints?

  7. Timmy, I think you’re being far too optimistic. They definitely won’t recruit an economist. It’ll just be someone who shares their echo chamber.

  8. It’s not £60k a year, that’s for the director position on the same page. They’re offering <£30k a year for the economist, although there's no indication it's a full-time position. But they do say any experience would be 'preferred', so they're looking for a new grad.

  9. I’m interested in the effect on the economy of regional weightings for public sector workers, regional benefit caps, regional baselines for housing benefit claims twice the national average, giving free travel five years early to residents of specific regions, and regional restrictions on planning twice the size of the conurbation in question.
    I will apply.

  10. …Please send a completed application form and equal opportunities form in Word format to…

    Only people who have purchased MS Office are eligible – not exactly “equal opportunities”

    Yes, open/libre etc are free, but most do not know they exist.

    It should read “equal opportunities form in .txt .rtf or .pdf format”

  11. Blarg1987 ticks all the boxes. Though his economic acumen may be perceived as a threat by Andrew Simms.

  12. I presume they are providing the “equal opportunities form in Word format” for you to fill in, otherwise they could get all sorts sent back.

  13. Let me guess – for all the “equal opportunity forms” sent in, the person appointed will be an upper-middle class Guardian reading white graduate.

  14. The laws, as few as they are, of economics are timeless. So the new element is just millennial jizz about remaking reality and Janet Street-Porter

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