Tinned spaghetti pizza

If a prime minister wants to truly unite a nation – one way not to do it is to cook a pizza with spaghetti topping.

This seems to be the lesson that New Zealand’s leader, Bill English, can take away after he dabbled in the kitchen and sprinkled his result on social media this week.

On Tuesday night English cooked dinner for his family – a 1980s rural Kiwi classic: tinned spaghetti and pineapple pizza. Later, he posted a series of photos of his home-spun efforts on Facebook.

Fortunately we’ve Adam Smith and David Ricardo to come to the rescue here. Division and specialisation of labour, the resultant trade from the greater production, we’re best off when everyone does what they’re least bad at.

Meaning that perhaps English should be trying to run the country because he most certainly shouldn’t be trying to cook for it.

Then again, the Southland, eh?

Some said tinned spaghetti and pineapple pizza was a nostalgic staple of a Southland childhood (English hails from the tiny farming community of Dipton at the bottom of the South Island) and they praised his budget-friendly dinner as an affordable option for “beneficiaries”.

One woman wrote: “Yup this is how we made pizzas growing up! Must be a Southland thing! Still make them like this for my kids and they love them. Sometimes we use baked beans – oops, maybe I’ve just opened another can of worms……”

Must be why they breed such fierce rugby players down there. Desperate to go touring with the All Blacks in search of a decent meal…..

11 thoughts on “Tinned spaghetti pizza”

  1. It was in Italy (Sicily, to be precise) that I first witnessed pizza with chips on top, and mayonnaise, and ketchup.

    No point being food snobs when the natives have sunk so low…

  2. I’m surprised our wop friends have not called in the NZ consul to complain about outrageous cultural appropriation.

  3. A bit of UK metropolitan elitism here, Timmy. When I was growing up as a kid in NZ, we used to have the tinned spaghetti with pineapple pizzas too. Loved ’em – cheap, cheerful and above all easy. And I think you’ve got your All Blacks reference arse about face too – ever considered that it was eating such high carb, low fat stuff that helped make them ABs in the first place? For your penance, Timmy, you should now eat five Pot Noodles (Humble Pie flava) and 10 pkts of Monster Munch.

  4. Tinned spag on pizza is the “treat” my kids ask me to make them when the missus is out.

    This is for two reasons:
    1) There is no way in hell that Mum will let them eat it
    2) They know that it pretty much the only thing that I can do that doesn’t involve copious amounts of curry powder.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Christ on a bike. Tinned spaghetti on a pizza? OK, à chacun son goût and all that, but really. I hated the tinned stuff even when a very small child. The sauce was too sweet.

  6. Bill English has a large family, it’s no doubt driven by the children’s tastes.

    There’s a bit of politics behind this too; the NZ labour leader and his (new) deputy are doing a nationwide tour and released a media pack containing the phrase “whisky and pizza…”; this was a bit of a gentle dig at that as well…

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