Tractor Production Statistics!

Jeremy Corbyn lost his temper during a broadcast interview as he blamed the media for his party’s dire poll ratings.

The Labour leader said that the media was “failing” in its duty to cover his parties policies and said it is “utterly obsessed” with his leadership.

It is, isn’t it?

“It’s your responsibility to make sure the opposition voice is heard as well as the government’s voice. It’s your failings.’

The media must report what the politicians are doing. To the benefit of the politicians. Which tells you all you need to know about why State media is so shit the world over.

16 thoughts on “Tractor Production Statistics!”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    The left’s faith in the media’s ability to control all our opinions is rather touching in some ways. The reality is that when they come out with such drivel the majority of us see it as an insult to our intelligence.

    In practice the media is like those 1970s Shop Stewards and places like British Leyland who were often seen running to get ahead of wild-cat strike action.

  2. John Square in Hamburg

    I’m not sure that Jeremy and the rest of the world are talking about the same thing when they use the word ‘politics’.

    Corbyn’s philosopher wizard approach to government is so far apart from what people expect and often want (leadership, clarity, strategy) that whenever Labour present a policy, the rest of the universe just stares at them like a bemused parent being shown a child’s first drawing.

    Take the Trident issue: official Labour policy is yes to the missiles and yes to the subs to keep the missiles on. Great. Easy to understand. Corbyn, donning his robe and staring off into the distance, decides he’s in favour of the subs (muh jobs, yes?) but against the missiles (nukes and war bad, yes?).

    Jezza can’t see why this isn’t a runner with the public- jobs are secured, war things avoided! What’s not to like?

    Public looks at him as if he’s mad, because the outcome of his stance is dumb- pointless subs, no deterrent.

    He’s in love with the process of garnering support, and doesn’t realise the outcome is actually what people want.

    He does this constantly- if you listen to an interview with him, it’s all how they are doing stuff, not what will come from their efforts.

    At least May can state what she’s gunning for

  3. JS: On Trident, Corbyn doesn’t have the votes at conference to change Labours policy as he’d like to, hence the hodge-podge. But I hardly think the public would like him more if he actually succeeded in getting his way on this and other areas.

    The next GE might be fun, if Corbyn survives till then. The media have been playing nice with him so far. They won’t at election time

  4. John Square – they are all like that. Blair used constantly to bang on about how much money they were putting in to X service, as though merely putting money in were the beginning, middle and end of it. And for a lot of their supporters – state employees, and state unions – I suppose it is.

  5. Hugh – I don’t think the media are playing nice with him or not playing nice with him, they are just reporting the daft twat’s comments and policies. I can’t see how that would change, and I hope it doesn’t – the one thing that might help Corbyn is the sense that he is being treated unfairly by the media.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    It was worse with Blair because they did talk about what they were going to do and set countless targets, but not why that was a good thing. For example, for a while I couldn’t get within a mile of my GP without having my blood pressure taken because they were paid to take BP readings.

    Nothing came of them, other than GPS getting very rich. We didn’t get told about a rise in the detection of early coronary problems and subsequent reduction in heart diseases, just tractor stats on how many BPs were taken.

    Chris Dillow refers to it as the scourge of managerialism and he’s right.

  7. “duty to cover his parties policies”

    Jeremy Corbyn has parties policies? Like no more than two drinks in the last hour if you’re driving home? Or no karaoke, ever?

  8. Interested, true but once we get to election time, character will be an issue, for example, and his long-time support for various terrorist groups will get the coverage it simply hasn’t had up till now. And if he’s having temper-tantrums at this…..

  9. Yes Jeremy showed his anger but i think it had still been a calculated move, and quite likely to have been rehearsed. He knows he’s going to get the question, he’s trying this approach now.

  10. @Hugh,

    I get that Corbyn wants a different policy to what he can get agreement on- I was thinking more that he’s got to be crackers to draw attention to that particular aspect of Labours message to voters at the present time, where there’s no agreement.

    The bit I was really commenting on was the way he thinks that the public will respond positively to a party that cannot sort itself out by telling people about the “internal democratic process of Labour” and that they are (in essence) better off voting for a party that has these internal discussions that end up with shite policy than one that has rigorous internal discipline, but comes out with sensible, popular policies.

    People don’t ‘buy’ a party that has great internal structures* or policymaking tool kits or better representation of the grass roots- they buy parties that deliver sensible positions on things that they care about.

  11. Blair and his government (sic) can be neatly summed up as: We support this policy therefore it is a good idea rather than this is a good idea therefore we support it.

  12. Why is there a need for labour, ever? Especially when the tories are labour lite?

    We need a classical liberal party to stop the descent into the morass, idiots like may and Hammond are incapable and unwilling to stop.

  13. Regarding Corbyn, the thing I find most disturbing are the reasons why many Labour supporters now dislike him. It isn’t because of the support for Islamists and past support for the IRA or the hundred other bonkers and stupid things he believes in.

    They dislike him because he is incompetent and inept. One presumes that a wily, devious and professional politician who kept his support for Hamas private would meet with their approval, as long as he got them into power.

  14. “It’s your responsibility”

    Not really. A private press has editorial rights to cover what it wants to. It can even talk about how wonderful Hillary Clinton is.

    Telling the press what “it has to do” is picking the cheese off a mousetrap.

  15. JS: I suspect it’s because Corbyn only talks to supporters, and the idea of process, of having a different way of doing politics, plays well with them. He has spent two summers being lauded wherever he goes. Maybe he mistakes these people for the broader public.

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