Trump’s Russia mafia ties

Over on Forbes I get people telling me that Trump definitely, definitively, must be impeached because he owes the Russian mafia lots of money. And I’m, umm, well, really?

What’s the evidence?

So I check out Salon, this is where this proof will be right?

Trump’s deep links to organized crime: Federal investigators know and the public is catching on


The sheer proliferation of such contact indicates, at a minimum, that Russian organized crime figures felt comfortable in the Trump milieu.

Or, in more detail, A few Russian bad guys bought apartments offa Trump Inc.

So, umm, where actually is the proof?

19 thoughts on “Trump’s Russia mafia ties”

  1. The whole Russian business was invented, I conjecture, as ‘cover’ for spying on Trump. It now seems to have taken on a life of its own among the barking mad and politically crooked. These are people, remember, who supported the racketeer Clintons.

  2. There’s evidence and then there’s proof.

    The former is marshalled in support of the latter.

    As to who decides whether evidence amounts to proof rather depends on who or what is the relevant tribunal. The court of public opinion? A court of law? The legislature?

  3. @EdwardLud, there’s no evidence at all. There’s far more supporting dubious behaviour by the Clintons in Russia.

  4. Ed

    There are things that are not inconsistent with a theory, then evidence, then proof.

    Do bear in mind that ‘has talked to Russians’ is not inconsistent with just about anything under the sun.

  5. Trump owes money? So what? He uses Chapter 11 as a “Get out of Debt Free” card whenever he needs to.

    And the Mafiya? What can they do to him? Putin, like his original boss, Andropov, is anti-Mafiya.

  6. BiS

    on my tiny screen it’s scrolled off the bottom – time to get a bigger screen or train myself to look every time…

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    Which browser are you using it’s there on iPad safari and Vivaldi and Firefox on W10.

    Have you got JavaScript disabled? I just checked in a Firefox and when off comment review is disabled.

  8. Yeah it’s all pretty stupid.

    Now if anyone does want to look into an interesting ‘Eastern connection’, check out what VP Biden’s family and other democrat associates have been up to in Ukraine…

  9. The Russian Connection is basically the snowflake version of the old Nigerian Birth Certificate ploy.

    I think it more like the “Obama wasn’t born in America” ploy that ran for years in some quarters.

    Then there’s the “Hillary is a lesbian” gambit.

    The Republicans have partly themselves to blame when it comes to stupid attacks on the President.

    As Trump was a “birther” for a while, my sympathy for him is nil.

  10. And, I forgot “Obama is a muslim” — the Republican party have themselves to blame for a lot of this.

  11. “Chester Draws”

    “As Trump was a “birther” for a while, my sympathy for him is nil.”

    Funny, I always thought the birther thing was of Obama’s making, It was a very useful distraction for him, he could simply write off criticism as being by a ‘birther’ and immediately neutralize it.

  12. We all believe in the efficient market hypothesis, right? That markets incorporate all available information.

    So Coral has Trump at evens to leave office by impeachment or resignation before the end of his first term. Or, if you want the other side, 5-4 on to serve a full term.

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