Twice the opportunity, surely?

A woman who was told she was infertile after being born with two sets of reproductive organs is now expecting a miracle baby.
Krista Schwab, 32, has two vaginas, cervixes and wombs.

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  1. As an embryo there is one set of reproductive apparatus on each side which then fuse. Women in which fusion into one uterus is partial tend to miscarry but women with complete separation have been known to carry two foetuses of differing gestational age, so a bit of a reproductive nightmare, with babies born weeks or months apart.

  2. I know of this, two wombs and two kids. But there’s something that has always puzzled me. The hormonal changes that come at actual birth. Dilate the cervix and all that sorta stuff. There’s only one bloodstream here (in the mother at least) and so that rage of hormones. Why doesn’t it cause both births at the same time?

    Something that’s puzzled me for ages in fact.

  3. In rats, who always have two separate uteruses, that can cause half the litter to be stillborn or reabsorbed.

  4. TW: local pressure plus placental products especially prostaglandins ripen the cervix, these travel locally as they would cause adverse effects, possibly death, if distributed in sufficient concentration in the blood stream.

  5. I can’t help but regale the story of the so-equipped prostitute. The other tarts in the brothel couldn’t bear her ‘holier than thou’ attitudes.

    On a serious note, what are suitable pet names for the two orifices? Blair and Brown? or perhaps Blair and Corbyn, with Brown reserved for a different place?

  6. “It’s a girl!
    Erm, actuallly it’s a girl twice over…”
    How come this condition wasn’t spotted at birth? 12 years to notice it!

  7. Recusant

    How does that work. I used to change my daughter’s nappy, and if she’d had two I’m pretty sure I’d have noticed.

  8. Bloke in France: one assumes you were looking at your daughter’svulva. The vagina is internal, tiny in an infant and any way hidden by a hymen or hymens. An internal exam plus ultrasound are necessary to diagnose the condition.

  9. So it’s a sort of branching thing then. OK, point taken.
    I have wondered vaguely in the past if two bodies with one head were conjoined twins or just more than usual organs.

    There was news a few days ago about someone with 4 arms ams and 4 legs getting operated on. Seems fairly conjoint but operation was fairly straightforward.

    I’m a bit perturbed about the publicity though. Why would you? To go on Oprah?

  10. Chief Sitting Bull say: White man speak with forked tongue – I know a girl who’d like to meet you.

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