Unfair, eh?

An Italian court on Friday banned the Uber app, saying it contributed to traditional taxis facing unfair competition, local media reported.

We’d better get back and ban that Spinning Jenny, most unfair to hand spinners that was.

9 thoughts on “Unfair, eh?”

  1. Presumably unfair competition = not being able to bully that 50 euro note from me despite the meter saying 30 because they know I’ve just arrived in Naples and what am I going to do? Have a fight with the driver who speaks no English, at the rank surrounded by my luggage, or walk off without paying anything?

  2. Should have made the argument on heritage grounds. Italy’s worst drivers being taken off the roads will significantly alter the nature of the experience of visiting Italy.

  3. Bloke in Wiltshire

    The clever thing about Uber is how its sown the seeds. They broke the law in a few places, lost lawsuits but they’ve now got an army of supporters who look less favourably on the politicians that ban them.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    They just set up shop here, became very popular almost immediately, and then dared the politicians to ban them. Now they’re de facto legal, with de jure to follow. The regular taxi drivers hate this but as far as everyone else is concerned they can go and fuck themselves with the ragged end of a pineapple. Uber’s prices are 50% of the red cabs’. They don’t try and bilk tourists and recently-arrived gringos either.

  5. The problem in the UK is that the Licensing Act is not fit for purpose with respect to multi-jurisdiction operating companies such as Uber. What we are already seeing is authority shopping, where drivers try it on with every area until they find one that will license them, and then go back to working in the local area that rejected them. I can’t reject a guy from Luton for not living in Epping, but you can’t tell me he’s actually going to work here, and we’re not allowed to ask Luton if they’ve already rejected him and why. The fit and proper person test, which is rooted in public safety, is being undermined.

    The whole legislation and inter-authority cooperation needs to be overhauled, because Uber is playing a 21st Century game in a 19th Century process.

  6. So we should allow unfair competition? Is that what you’re saying? Honestly, Tim, you’ve just become lazy, throwing out unfinished thoughts that every incoherent reader can attach their own personal prejudices to.

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