Well, no actually Paul, not really

War threats over Gibraltar are rightwing imperial fantasies
Paul Mason

It’s the UN right to self determination these days.

17 thoughts on “Well, no actually Paul, not really”

  1. I don’t hear him, Ritchie, the EU and other British history loathing leftists demand Spain hand Ceuta and Melilla to Morocco.

  2. The comments under that article are a remarkable illustration of what utter cunts the Guardian’s readers are.

  3. Spain wants U.K. territory = not colonialism.
    U.K. tells Spain to fuck off = colonialism.
    People of Gibraltar tell Spain to fuck off = also = colonialism.

    It’s simple really.

  4. Where does all this “war threat” gibberish* come from? The last Leader of the Opposition but four makes a throwaway comment in an interview about it being the 35th anniversary of another attempted Latin land grab, and suddenly a task force is being prepared? #fakenews, indeed.

    * Sir! Sir! I know, sir! Is it the Continuity Remain media, i.e. the Guardian, the BBC, The Economist and the FT?

  5. Noel

    I had an argument with a Spanish individual on FB who implied that because Ceuta and Melilla ‘had been Spanish’ for thousands of years the situation was different. This would no doubt be seized on by the various leftards as ‘proof’ of perfidious Albion….

  6. Simple really, as an equivalent step give Spain back to the Moors who would enslave the population force them all to wear burkhas and beards and stop drinking beer wine and sangria.

    On Mason, the cvnt’s play took a bit of a pasting in the Times review:

    Anne Treneman in The Times described it as a “revolutionary ego trip”, claimed she would have walked out if she could have and gave it just one star out of five, while Alice Jones in the i newspaper said it veered close to being a one-man lecture.

    The Guradin reviewer gave its fellow contributor’s play an objective 4 stars.

  7. “Ceuta and Melilla ‘had been Spanish’ for thousands of years”

    According to Wikipeida they’ve been Spanish since 1668 & 1497 respectively. Odd definition of thousands. In Ceuta’s case that’s not that much longer than 1713 for Gibraltar.

  8. MattyJ

    The guy was an enthusiastic loon – apparently ‘They had been Spanish since the Roman empire’ – FB does have its share of crazies. This one’s Spanish heritage did make one thankful for Brexit……

  9. Yes, confusingly called Whitby. As a Whitbian it was quite confusing the first time I saw a painting called something like “Prospect of Whitby” and wondering why it looked nothing like what I could see from my window – until buried in the text it mentioned it was Whitby, Tangiers.

  10. Enough of this fuss; the chumps voted Remain. Sell the bloody rock to Russia. Or even Morocco.

  11. If we upgraded them from British Overseas Territory to Crown Dependency they could apply for membership of the EU in their own right.

  12. It is interesting how states that were relatively recently peasant societies have a mystic attachment to land, to territory, which overrules the consent of the resident population…the Falklands, Gibraltar, Northern Ireland.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    Bill Quango MP has an interesting idea over at C&W:

    Too tiny for a country. Even Andorra is double the population. Too reliant on Spain’s border to ignore them. Gibraltar needs a backer. And it could get one in the shape of the EU itself.

    Monaco is a principality. It is not a formal EU member. But it does share in the customs union and border controls and is a user of the Euro. But it is definitely NOT in the EU. As anyone who experiences its zero percent internal corporation tax will appreciate.

    Monaco is administered by France in much the same way that Gibraltar is by Britain. In that it really isn’t and they can do what they like on the understanding that the home nation can make use of the convenient backdoor loopholes for its own ends as and when it wants.

    Liechtenstein. San Marino. Andorra. Vatican City and Monaco are all micro states with some EU involvement. All are completely sovereign but are all dependent on another major power for their defence. And this is a problem for nobody at all.

    Gibraltar could demand microstate status, like the others. Agree to taking the Euro and enjoying same agreements those anachronistic nations have with the rest of the EU.

    Worth a shot?

  14. Sorry, late to the party.
    If we are to turn the clock back why 1713? Why not 1913, with a fifth of the map painted red and most of the rest either allies or dependent? Again why not 1013, with Al Andalus controlling the Iberian peninsula as part of the Caliphate? I’m sure Isis would oblige.
    But if 1713 it is, we get America back!
    More seriously, every single nation claiming territory on the basis of historical precedent picks a date to suit itself. The Argentines claiming a right to rule the Falklands did not propose returning to be a Spanish colony.

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