Well, umm, Happy Us I guess

AGF5X3 St George cross national flag of England

11 thoughts on “Well, umm, Happy Us I guess”

  1. What a great day for a bank holiday, with Easter last week and May day bank holiday next week.

    Real election winner giving me extra days off in March and November when the weather is terrible and not July, August or September when its nice.

  2. I run a leisure business in the UK, this is genuinely pointless we wont make much more from it, why not put one in june? Or do something sensible like stagger the summer holidays regionally from say june till end of September – public would get cheaper holidays and the tourism industry would make more money.

  3. Firstly, move Labour Day away from stinking, commie bastard day to sometime in September. Then tell the paddies that their new national day is 20 June, 17 Irish martyrs. The jocks can move to 22 August, St Andrew the Scot. The taffies can have 20 July, St Barhadbesaba because it is a ridiculously long name.

  4. Perhaps when we are richer we can negotiate our working arrangements so we can have 4 more days holiday when it suits. Not when the government tells us. The free market has this covered.

  5. Maybe we should have four annoy-an-EUer days. So one for scorching the King of Spain’s beard, and one each from the ample choice of defeating Krauts, Frogs, and Eyeties.

  6. Trafalgar and Agincourt were both in October, if memory serves. June 18th, Waterloo, is a possibility. VE Day, 8th May, is a definite.

  7. @Bongo, April 23, 2017 at 3:47 pm


    If I were forced to agree on another BH:

    I nominate Battle of Britain day: 15 September. Weather usually still pleasant and a gap since last BH and next (Christmas). A bonus is it would annoy the Germans and we’d mention the war.

    Trafalgar Day is 21 October

  8. That bloody Congress of Vienna. I’ve had years of celebrating 200 years of victories against the frogs. And then we made peace. Badtards!

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