Well, yes

The Democratic party is undermining Bernie Sanders-style candidates

Because the establishment which is the Democratic Party doesn’t like the progressive snowflakes.

Justifiably perhaps, perhaps not, but certainly.

12 thoughts on “Well, yes”

  1. The Dems are stuffed full of progressive snowflakes. What they don’t like are those candidates who are not wealthy, middle class, and firmly wedded to the establishment.

  2. I hold no candle for Dems, but the fact is that Bernie was an independent for 20+ years despite regular invitations to join. He is not a Dem. He is an infiltrator.
    So fck him. Dems are quite right to reject and expel them. It’s like the Socialist Workers and the Labour Party in UK. Freedom of association includes the freedom to tell a prospective member to fck off.

  3. I think there are some Democrats left who have a grasp of how basic economics work (though they pretend not to in some cases). Accepting as your leader a man who has praised breadlines and thinks that too many lines of deodorant cause poverty might stick in the craw a bit.

    Their problem, and eventually everyone’s problem, is that the young fools streaming out of the leftie madrassas lap this shit up.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    You do not win by appeasing the fringe loons. You win by attracting the 51%. Or as Howard Dean put it, the Southern White guy with a Confederate flag on the back of his truck.

    The Democrats have rejected Whites more or less completely. Their only reliable White votes are single Mothers and Jews. Luckily there are a lot of skanks.

    The idea that Sanders will appeal to that middle ground is absurd.

  5. @SMfS
    There’s a guy I was talking with, the other night. He was proclaiming what a hell-hole the US was & how the enTrumpening will make it worse. Looking up murder rates for US cities & comparing with European countries. Meanwhile, I was looking up the voting preferences of said cities. 100% Democrat, clean sweep.

  6. Victor Davis Hanson recently made a rather apposite point about the Dems generally (and SJWs specifically). When they created a ‘victim’ oriented morality system they created an incentive to become a victim. Everyone therefore appends their identity with a registered ‘victim’ identity card because thats where the money is. Eventually almost everyone is a victim and there are no oppressors left. Even the oppressors turn round and say, ‘Hey, stop oppressing MY identity’ (see large numbers of Trump supporters).

    When the oppressors stop giving a s**t about victimhood culture the extortion money dries up.

    At this point the victims begin to turn on each other. We’re nearly there.

  7. At this point the victims begin to turn on each other. We’re nearly there.

    The left eating their own… like the recent Black Lives Matter protest where whites were not allowed….

  8. The left always end up eating their own. Everyone on the left expects to be a Commissar after the Glorious Peoples’ Revolution, but most of them end up as rotting bodies in a ditch.

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