Well, yes, Owen, where are you?

Props to The Guardian for publishing this:

In Venezuela 82% of people live in poverty – where are our friends now?

Where are Owen, Ken, Jeremy and the rest?

But what about the dozens of politicians and journalists – including the leader of the opposition – who until very recently lauded the “achievements” of Hugo Chávez and have now gone quiet? They always seemed to suggest that they had the wellbeing of the Venezuelan people at heart. Now that 82% of households live in poverty, they don’t seem interested at all in what’s happening in Venezuela. It is a shame, because their voices could really come in handy as the world calls on Maduro to restore democracy and respect human rights.

23 thoughts on “Well, yes, Owen, where are you?”

  1. Not the right type of socialism. Having fucked up millions of lives, they’ll just move on to the next country and have another go.

    At least they’ve reduced inequality.

  2. Cos the solidarity campaigns were always in solidarity with the régime and not the people under its thumb.


  3. Jones is out in the London parks with his binoculars to look for squirrels. Expect a long article from him on this soon

  4. 82%? I am surprised it is not higher.
    Although the violence crime is also awful. No country has ever “achieved” such levels before without drugs,islamic terrorism or political violence – it should be investigated more.

  5. Rob

    Surely you have been blocked by him on Twitter! I must admit I do keep a shadow account purely to follow that classic line of reasoning – ‘it’s the wrong type of socialism’ It’s questionable whether he or Murphy is more stupid. Quite a close-run thing….

  6. TMB

    I think the May government could do worse assuming the regime falls than offer to extradite Jones and Abbott to Venezuela to answer for their crimes. It would guarantee my vote whatever horlicks they make of Brexit, certainly.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    Van_P It’s questionable whether [Owen Jones] or Murphy is more stupid.

    There was a thread here the other day about Marvel Comics not doing so well since trying to get with the times and introducing super-heroes to suit the supposed zeitgeist.

    Alas Fudgepackerman and Shrillvictimgirl failed to resonate with Marvel’s readership but perhaps your dastardly duo as Fatman and Dobbin could launch as the caped crusaders for the fictional land of Taxmania?

    It could be endless fun to have the two of them sliding down the Fatpole every week to combat evil tax avoidance with sputum and knitwear.


  8. Flatcap

    PwC should get the security guys to disperse the protestors for annoying their clients – not by the actual protest but – by being shabbily dressed and sporting appalling hair cuts and for NOT HAVING A FVCKING JOB.

  9. Ian Fraser, the Shredded author, has just tweeted it approvingly. They’re on the other side of the street, and the most grief they’ll get is for obstructing the entrance to Gordon’s Wine Bar.

    I am aware of at least one senior tax person in that office who reads Murphy occasionally and for the sole purpose of making themselves nice and angry with his idiocy

  10. ….yeah, and then you look at the comments below the line. And you see what a daunting task the non reality-challenged community has on its hands.

  11. From Wikipedia: in Venezuela, “same-sex couples and households headed by same-sex couples are not eligible for the same legal protections available to opposite-sex married couples.”

    Why isn’t Owen outraged?

  12. John Square in Leer


    Is there a different rule set for victimhood poker when played under socialism?

    Is it like variants of Mornington Crescent?

  13. Pcar, could be because the Russians have turned their backs on socialism. In the Jones/Abbott/Corbyn playbook this is considered heresy.

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