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Well,yes, I suppose so Love

Katee Sackhoff: ‘Most women in my family marry and have children. I was different’

Because without the children, leaving aside the marriage, it’s pretty difficult for there to be a family….

10 thoughts on “Well,yes, I suppose so Love”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    By definition every single one of us is descended from ancestors who had sex and had children. Going all the way back to the first little amoebas who invented sex in the first place.

    If someone wants to lift themselves out of that lineage, so be it. But it is not a surprise if most people are the products of marriages that produced children.

  2. I didn’t get to the bit where she claims to be the adopted spawn of a secret CIA experiment or something because the article is really boring. So I don’t know if she is different or not. And I don’t care.

  3. Apart from English, do most languages have the temporal ‘and’ – that is, where ‘and’ means ‘and then’?


    1. “Most women in my family marry and have children.”


    2. ‘Most women in my family have children and marry’

    1 and 2 have quite different meanings.

  4. I think there’s a discussion knocking around on Quora, maybe one of the saner bits of Reddit, that suggests No. Or at least, that that particular use of And can be a right bugger for furriners, at first anyway.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    It is probably not socially acceptable to say so but she is not aging well. Still full marks for two things:

    1. She does not disrespect her parents. In fact she is complimentary about all of them – especially her father. That is very rare these days. My respect for anyone who forgoes the opportunity to curry favour with the sisterhood goes up, and

    2. Listening to her father, who clearly gave her some good advice:

    My father gave me some great advice – he said I needed to figure out what made me different from all the girls who looked exactly like me in California. He said if you can’t figure out what makes you special, you will never get a job.

    Still can’t forgive her for that abortion of a Battlestar Galactica though.

  6. I liked it up until the end of season 2. The whole thing started very well.

    On the show as a whole though, I generally agree with Dirk Benedict’s opinion.

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