What a remarkable concept

Fourth, in austerity Britian let’s be clear that the only referendum the people of Gibraltar should be offered is one that asks if they want to join the UK, pay all its taxes, comply with all its regulations including on gambling, tax and company and trust law, and in return be provided only those services that leave it with a balanced budget after allowing for the full cost of defending it against Spain, running its borders, maintaining its new hard borders and all related costs. If this could not be done within UK tax limits then additional taxes would be payable, and that must be explicit before the referendum is suggested. Run a referndum on that basis and see what happens. I think some minds with might be changed. But right now Gibraltar is living in a fantasy world without apparent responsibilities or financial constraints that all the rest of us would love but will never enjoy and Tory politicians are pandering to that absurdity. Those politicians should be ashamed of themselves. The rest of us should point out their stupidity.

Each unit of the United Kingdom must be self-financing in tax and spending matters.

Well, doesn’t that just kill the Barnett Formula. And, of course, any redistribution across local authorities. Even, actually, across households.

But then Spud never does think through his brain spasms, does he?

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  1. Isn’t it the Spanish who maintain the border controls, to prevent the British from invading?

    It is also curious that the fat Prof continually asserts that UK should not run a balanced budget. Does he explain why Gibraltar should be obliged to? Is it simply that he believes they are not raising enough tax? For the fat one anything less than a 100% rate is inefficient. MOAR tax is always the answer, whatever the question or problem.

    Perhaps someone could lock Fat Dick and Soapy Jo in a room and they can take it in turns to run their masturbatory fantasies of ideal tax jurisdictions past each other

  2. “…and Tory politicians are pandering to that absurdity”

    Because of course, the position was completely different under Labour.

  3. Diogenes:

    1) Yes and no –

    For people on foot, the Spanish don’t give a crap about who walks through, but Gibraltar does; it’s a loophole for various African types to get into the Schengen area if they can make it to Gibraltar, but just because you got into Germany without any documents does not mean you can get into Gibraltar.

    For vehicles it is the opposite, since if you drive into Gibraltar there is nowhere else you can go except back into Spain.

    2) Dick and Jo don’t need to be locked up in a room, they go willingly

  4. It is amazing that the Left throws self-determination, democratically expressed (Gib, Falklands, Bermuda, Brexit etc.) under the bus whenever it feels like it.

    A very nasty bunch of Stalinists indeed.

  5. Well, doesn’t that just kill the Barnett Formula.

    There goes the Scottish Peerage.

    Anyway, aren’t the Left so terrifically easy to goad into saying something stupid and contradictory, not to mention tangential to reality?

  6. So what is it about Gibraltar that has got his goat? I’m assuming it is something to do with tax but an outside bet is just their general wish to be British.

  7. At the very heart of the EU is the state of Luxembourg, a small nation that, among other things, has very low taxes. So I am fascinated to know what Murphy makes of that – is he saying it should be fully absorbed by one of its big neighbours? Or what about the Vatican – surely it cannot continue as an independent entity with all that pesky independence? Or Andorra? San Marino, Liechtenstein?

  8. “So what is it about Gibraltar that has got his goat?
    Intellectual envy of the apes, I’d imagine.

  9. Leaving aside the arguments about Gib, it is yet another situation where Michael Howard proves what an irredeemably thick twat he is

  10. @ Johnathan,

    Murphy hates Luxembourg with a passion, although less than he hates the Channel Islands. In the past, he has reluctantly conceded that Luxembourg has done more for its citizens (read: provide a generous social security system and excellent school, cultural and sports facilities) than the typical tax haven.

    Luxembourg tax rates are not necessarily low though. Personal income tax rate is currently just above 40%, and there are no more tax planning tricks available than you would expect in other European jurisdictions.

    Its corporate income tax rate is currently 27%, not especially low, but there are plenty of opportunities to legally lower the taxable base. In the past this was often done through rulings, but that has now, since Luxleaks, become much harder.

  11. We tend not to charge the relevant parts of what we defend for defending them.
    We don’t charge Scotland for defending them from Russian bombers. We don’t charge the ports on the English Channel for defending them. We didn’t charge the Falklands for the cost of defending them.
    Why start with Gibraltar?

  12. Jack Hughes

    ‘A very nasty bunch of Stalinists indeed.’

    Many consider him closer to Mussolini in actuality but the comparison with Stalin are apt. He even had Lavrenti Beria commenting on his blog for a number of months….

  13. The whole post is particularly hysterical given his almost fanatical worship of the current Scottish administration.

    This point was quite an apt one though Tim – it looks like he wants to outlaw gambling – not sure how this would help his desire for Moar taxes but joined up thinking is not his forte!

    ‘Gibraltar is …..a remnant of Empire and colonialism that has no place in a modern Europe, in which the UK apparently wants no part. And it is funded by its activity as a tax haven and centre for offshore gambling. The first activity is intent on undermining the global economy and the legitimate tax revenues of democratically elected governments. The other is wedded to destroying individual lives. Quite emphatically, this is a place that is dedicated undermining well-being.’

  14. I’m surprised everyone hasn’t spotted Murphy’s modus here. He is kothing more than a publicity-seeking little twat who worked out long ago the best way to get it was periodically to say something absolute ly stupid, which then offends serious people, who then tell him how stupid his ideas are, which he then repeats with as much publicity as he can garner. It’s a perfect method if you have no sense of shame or embarassment.

    For a great example see his recent spat with Kevin Hague. He is now pretending he is yet to be invited to debate with Hague. The truth is he has no intention of debating anything with anyone except on his own blog.

    For.another example see his work in having any invitation issued to Tim Worstall to debate withdrawn as soon as possible.

    So his, er, thoughts on Gibraltar are designed for publicity; nothing more.

  15. All this “If I ruled the world” stuff is very much The Secret Diary of Dick Murphy, Aged Fourteen-and-a-half, isn’t it.

  16. @Ironman:

    “He is now pretending he is yet to be invited to debate with Hague”

    Nice bit of sophistry from Ritchie.

    Kevin has said he’s happy to debate, and has publicly said so to John Beattie (Radio Scotland presenter and also a qualified CA). Kevin appears regularly on Beattie’s show, so I suspect Ritchie’s invite isn’t forthcoming because people at the BBC know he’s a twat.

  17. On what is Spain’s claim based? Gibralter has been British longer than it was Spanish, and it’s not naturally “Spanish” anyway.

    The fact is, Europe used to contain hundreds upon hundreds of individual states. Some of these never got absorbed, and remain independent.

    Gibralter is self-sufficient except for Defence. Like all other European nations, with the exception of Russia (which is mostly not European).

    If Gibralter doesn’t want to be Spanish, what is Murphy proposng?.

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