What fun, we’ve proof, proof! of Russian electoral interference

It recommended the Kremlin launch a propaganda campaign on social media and Russian state-backed global news outlets to encourage US voters to elect a president who would take a softer line toward Russia than the administration of Barack Obama, the seven officials said.

A second institute document, drafted in October and distributed in the same way, warned that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was likely to win the election. For that reason, it argued, it was better for Russia to end its pro-Trump propaganda and instead intensify its messaging about voter fraud to undermine the US electoral system’s legitimacy and damage Clinton’s reputation in an effort to undermine her presidency, the seven officials said.

So, they thought about trying and also got it wrong.

Scary, eh?

And if anyone really wants to do some digging into corruption shennannigans, why doesn’t someone have a better look at Bill Clinton and the Kazakh uranium deal? As absolutely everyone in the industry knows there was a huge cash bung in that.

5 thoughts on “What fun, we’ve proof, proof! of Russian electoral interference”

  1. Key:

    “Trump has said Russia’s activities had no impact on the outcome of the race. Ongoing congressional and FBI investigations into Russian interference have so far produced no public evidence that Trump associates colluded with the Russian effort to change the outcome of the election.”

    Apparently though, the Guardian has access to super-secret intel from anonymous sources which prove……nothing.

  2. Can someone please explain to me the difference between this Russian interference and all the foreign newspapers (like, er, the Guardian) that campaigned against Bush?

  3. Bloke in North Dorset


    It’s the cause what matters not the person. So interfering against Bush and Trump is OK because, where as interning against Clinton is wrong because it is.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Ironman – “Look Tim; Clinton molested women and feminists blamed the women. You have no chance here.”

    Not even that. Muslims of South Asian origin raped twelve year old girls in Rotherham. You blamed anyone who mentioned it.

    TW can’t even expect common sense on his own blog.

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