You’re not really understanding economics matey, are you?

Progress has been made – fur farms were banned in the UK in 2003, and selling cat, dog and seal products is also illegal. But imported fur from other species, including fox, rabbit, mink, coyote, raccoon dog and chinchilla, is still allowed. And this week an investigation by Sky News found that supposedly “fake fur” products, including gloves, hats and shoes, at leading retailers actually contain real fur from cats, raccoon dogs, rabbits, mink and fox.

This discovery has upset shoppers who thought the fur they were buying was synthetic. Never mind the labels, they assumed the cheap price tags alone meant the fur couldn’t be real.

If you restrict the markets for real fur then it becomes cheaper…..

4 thoughts on “You’re not really understanding economics matey, are you?”

  1. Who could have predicted this would happen?

    Oh, yeah. That’s right. Everyone.

    Time we farmed and skinned animal rights nutters instead?

  2. ‘If you restrict the markets for real fur then it becomes cheaper…..’

    There is little actual demand for cheap crappy fur products labeled ‘Cat Fur’, the only way to get rid of it is to mis label it as faux fur.

    Premium furs on the other hand (which is a similarly restricted market) such as those labeled ‘Leopard Fur’ is horrendously expensive.

    Restricting the market for a product that is in demand causes the price to rise (drugs/guns/solder etc.)

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