May 2017

Sigh, yes it is

As his city mourns two men who were killed after confronting a man screaming anti-Muslim slurs, Mayor Ted Wheeler is calling on federal officials to block what he called “alt-right demonstrations” from happening in downtown Portland, Ore.

His concern is that the two rallies, both scheduled in June, will escalate an already volatile situation in Portland by peddling “a message of hatred and of bigotry.” Although the organizers of the rallies have a constitutional right to speak, “hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment,” Wheeler told reporters.

Yes, yes it is. The Supreme Court has ruled on it a number of times and that’s the end of that.

If only he knew some economics

The TUC has published a map showing the loss in average earnings by UK employees since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

Britain needs a pay rise and that’s not on every party’s agenda at the forthcoming election. It should be. But some prefer exploiting labour to rewarding it. That’s an unacceptable choice that has gone on for too long.

So, what is a recession? It’s when people start firing people as they realise the cost of employing them is higher than the revenue from employing them.

So, what ‘s the solution to a recession? To lower real wages.


Look, it’s even in Keynes for God’s Sake.

Oh well done Spudda!

The Nayler report, which Theresa May says she backs, requires the NHS to sell its assets as a condition of further funding. It’s privatisation by the backdoor. Here’s an explainer by Chris Holden

The Naylor report actually says that that part of the NHS estate which is surplus to the provision of medical services should be sold off in order to fund a modernisation of the medical estate.

Squeaky bum time

The Conservative Party could be in line to lose 20 seats and Labour gain nearly 30 in next week’s general election, according to new modelling by one of the country’s leading pollsters.

YouGov’s first constituency-by- constituency estimate of the election result predicts that the Tories would fall short of an overall majority by 16 seats, leading to a hung parliament.

I don’t think she will but it is at least possible that May will lose this one.

Either that or YouGov is hilariously wrong in its weightings.

Peak Guardian approaches

Jeremy Christian, an avowed white supremacist with a violent past, is the alleged killer of Rick Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, but Donald Trump is not blameless for their deaths.

The proof?

But if Christian’s act is a nightmare, Trump’s presidency is the daymare, a horror show made all the worse as it’s experienced while being wide awake. Under increasing pressure to issue a condemnation of the act, Trump finally tweeted a message concerning this heinous crime. “The violent attacks in Portland on Friday are unacceptable,” the tweet read. “The victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. Our prayers are w/ them.”

This may sound presidential, until you look into it a bit. First, we can note that the tweet came not from Trump’s personal account, where we have (unfortunately) become accustomed to hearing the (unfortunate) thoughts of Mr Trump, but from @POTUS, which is chiefly run by his staff.

Incidentally, it’s easy to tell the difference between @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump by the former’s lack of spelling errors, cheap insults and exclamation points!

Understanding that this message of condemnation was tweeted from @POTUS and not @realDonaldTrump is crucial because Trump’s far-right followers will see an @POTUS tweet more as an exhibition of the exigencies of presidential performance than as an expression of Trump’s principles. They won’t be wrong.

Yep, which account the tweet came from is proof that Donald Trump is not blameless for those deaths.

No, really.

Oh dear. Really not understanding this idea of academic freedcom

On Tuesday, I was alerted to the fact that the University of Sydney has recently approved research into how men’s sex lives are impacted by being in a relationship with someone who has endometriosis. This study is being conducted by master’s student who wishes to explore “the impact of endometriosis on men’s sexual wellbeing”.

Considering the tiny amount of attention and funding endometriosis gets, it’s enraging to see someone conducting a study into how this disease impacts men.

That’s what she gets to do love. Academic freedom just does mean she gets to research any question she thinks is interesting.

Learn a bit of history you damn fools

Time has long worked against Indigenous peoples. The English-speaking epochs of the last 200 years – the Pax Britannica and American Century – share the same dramatic opening scene: a global coup displacing millions of people and thousands of societies from the Mi’kmaq in New Foundland to the Māori in New Zealand.

Property, sovereignty and even history itself are said to originate with these Anglo-Saxon triumphs. History and time are appropriated as the sole possessions of the white men who inherited the earth. For the ruling class, their passage marks the steady advance of civilization, modernity and progress. Rapturous booms and tumultuous busts are punctuated by bloody wars recast as heroic conquests. All throughout the land, alabaster monuments memorialize these triumphs and tragedies.

For Indigenous peoples, the same dates, statues and eras mark massacres, epidemics and expulsions. Generations rue the insidious devastation of occupation. Songs and stories reverberate to the rhythms and dreams of a halcyon freedom receding into legend as our last elders who bore witness pass onto the next world.

The history of the English-speaking world, brought crashing down upon Aboriginal peoples is a shared nightmare lurking in the collective subconscious of the survivors. From reservations, ghettoes and schools where the first peoples of these lands were sent to assimilate or die, we look out upon a world built on the premise that in it we have no place.


The entire history of the world is one group conquering, fucking, eating their way trough the tribe next door. Whitey’s just the latest to do it and not even the most successful. The Bantu in Africa, the Han in China, have rolled over the original competitors rather more thoroughly than the Anglo Saxons have done.

Inquiries have been made of the Moriori reaction to the news about the Maori but at pixel time no response. It is though they were all eaten.

Hhhm, yes, but, umm, no

In BA’s case, the UPS in question delivers power through the mains, diesel and batteries.

On Saturday morning, shortly after 8.30am, power to Boadicea House through its UPS was shut down – the reasons for which are not yet known.

Under normal circumstances, power would have been returned to the servers in Boadicea House slowly, allowing the airline’s other Heathrow data centre, at Comet House, to take up some of the slack.

But, on Saturday morning, just minutes after the UPS went down, power was resumed in what one source described as “uncontrolled fashion.” “It should have been gradual,” the source went on.

This caused “catastrophic physical damage” to BA’s servers, which contain everything from customer and crew information to operational details and flight paths. No data is however understood to have been lost or compromised as a result of the incident.

BA’s technology team spent the weekend rebuilding the servers, allowing the airline to return to normal operations as of today.

Umm, they didn’t have a 100% mirror, entirely redundant back up, system on another site, on another power supply?

They didn’t?


Amanduh’s feminist theory of Sgt Pepper’s

“Sgt. Pepper’s,” you see, is the album that marked the shift in rock music away from the grubby fingers of the teenybopper crowd and into the hushed halls of Great Art. It was the transition album that turned rock from a debased music for ponytailed fans twisting the night away to music for grown men whose tastes are far too refined to worry about whether a pop song has a beat you can dance to.

“Sgt. Pepper’s” was the point when rock stopped being the music of girls and started being the music of men.

It’s actually possible that this is both an original idea and also that she believes it.

Soapy Joe pissed it up against the wall

Guido understands from his sources in Dublin legal circles that the consensus view was that he was “p***ing in the wind”. This did not stop Jolyon crowdfunding £70,000 in fees, then dropping the fight as soon the Irish Attorney General indicated she would challenge the case on the grounds of jurisdiction. Jolyon folded claiming it would be too expensive to fight the matter. So the £70,000 of donor’s funds will be wasted without even a proper fight.

A rather more relaxed attitude back then

He also complained that he had not been insured for the dangerous stunts he performed over the years. Baxter denied this, saying: “They were insured. That is a myth. Also, we gave them the absolute top whack we could.” That said, in the early days of health and safety a corporate risk assessment for the BBC was understood to read simply: “John may die.”

So, Brexit is impossible then?

From the EU negotiating document on the size of the bill:

The amounts for items (1), (3) and (4) should be extracted from the EU consolidated accounts
established at the time of withdrawal and audited by the Court of Auditors.

As the auditors haven’t been able to sign off on he accounts for a generation now it’s therefore all impossible, no?

Idiot damn stupidity

Attacks like Portland’s will keep happening unless we all fight white supremacy

The two people stabbed to death were fighting white supremacy you idiot. They were telling someone shouting racist threats to shut up about the white supremacy shite.

Arjun Singh Sethi is a civil rights lawyer, writer, teacher and consultant based in Washington, D.C. He is an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center and Vanderbilt University Law School, where he teaches courses on policing, surveillance and counterterrorism.

Ah, a grossly unsuccessful lawyer who teaches in a college for a pittance to make up for it. Adjunct professors make $20k a year if they’re lucky.