Abedin learns from the Clintons

This is a good little example of why I just don’t. Don’t like, don’t support etc.

So Anthony Weiner is up before the beak for sexting to a 15 year old. Huma Abedin is both his wife and a long time Clinton aide.

Hey, tough times, he’s a shit certainly. And wouldn’t blame her for divorce at all. And she has divorced him, or at least filed to.

All fine.

And one report (not sure, maybe NYT?) points out that while they’re married she cannot be called to give evidence against him. So, he pleads guilty, so that’s all over. She divorces him, or files to, within hours.

And, you know, OK, sensible maybe, within the rules even. Or maybe the other way around, within the rules and even sensible.

And yet, umm, bleargh. Just……

And that’s the thing that’s always got me about the Clintons. Just too, well, calculating, I guess.

21 thoughts on “Abedin learns from the Clintons”

  1. While I agree with your basic assessment of Hillary – not so much Bill, he’s not bright enough to be that calculating – I’m not sure this is a great example. Doesn’t this shade into the area of such obvious common sense that you wouldn’t trust anyone who didn’t do it?

    Whatever Abedin may have to hide if called to testify isn’t the issue. That wouldn’t come out in court anyway. But the US media is incredibly partisan and totally unscrupulous, and whatever Abedin said, however innocent, would have been twisted by the other side into yet another fabricated scandal. (And that would be true whichever side Abedin was on.)

    Making sure she stayed out of court was a no-brainer.

  2. dearieme>

    Oh dear you, indeed. Seth Rich was found alive and conscious, having been shot, and yet he never said anything to the police who found him about the supposed assassination of which he was the supposed victim.

    You have to be literally insane to believe the conspiracy theories here. Rich was killed in a robbery gone wrong, and the reason nothing appeared to be missing is that he was robbed for/of the drugs he’d just bought. It’s a story that happens all the time, instead a nutbar conspiracy theory that directly contradicts the evidence.

  3. “You have to be literally insane to believe the conspiracy theories here….a nutbar conspiracy theory that directly contradicts the evidence.”

    You mean like seeing anti-Semitism everywhere…?

  4. Pretty convenient for Wiener / Abedin – both have I’d guess compelling reasons to keep this all under wraps.

    I liked the way iirc Wiener was “in rehab” for the election and the “Life Insurance” purported naming of that copied email files directory.

    I also didn’t realise how many times millionaire corporate lawyer Comey and the Clintons paths have crossed and run parallel – Comey ain’t no G-Man and must be dizzy at the number of times he’s been through the revolving door between government and big wig corporate comfy seats.

    People seem to forget that Google were operating the DNC Podesta email account that leaked stinking sludge into the 2016 campaign – and it’s rather likely that they know when and where 44000 emails and 17000 attachments between multiple accounts were extracted.

    Move along nothing to see here….

  5. Is not the ‘age 15’ just some arbitrary law.

    And do not many state schools force feed sex education – with pictures- to much younger children.

  6. John Malpas: Can you not see the difference between a grown man sending dick pics to a teenager and proper sex education in schools?

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    “a grown man sending dick pics to a teenager”

    …with his toddler in the same bed. The whole lot of them should be boiled in a sack.

  8. not so much Bill, he’s not bright enough to be that calculating

    Rhodes Scholar. Yale Law School. President of the US. Loaded. Powerful.

    Yeah, the man’s definitely a fool.

  9. I’m pretty sure that even a lawyer who sleeps in his car would insist on no divource until the dust has settled.

  10. Two helpings of your overboiled tripe in one day Dave? How lucky we are.

    It is likely that the divorce is a sham for PR purposes anyway. She apparently hangs about with Mr Dic-Pic just as much now as before. It is also moot how stupid a woman would have to be to have no inkling of his “tastes” either before or during her marriage. Esp when he’s been under a cloud for similar capers before.

    But you stoop to new left-sucking lows with your insult-to-injury drug buy gone wrong shite. Rich is one of several mystery deaths connected to the Clintons who follow the robbers-who-kill-but–don’t-take-anything trope. A drug dealer who kills for gain (unless DC dealers regard customer murder as part of after sales service) is not likely to build a good customer base. And as for the lack of death statements from Rich –lets hope we get to find out how voluble you are once hit with several bullets to sharpen what passes for your wits.

    Would we hear “uurrghh” and the rest is silence? Our would we get one last posting on how anti-semites done you in and the tragedy to come for all Joos now that their foremost champion and Chief Conspiracy-Smeller is no more.

  11. What would a man breathing his last say? Help perhaps. Or what hit me? Or why? Unlikely Mr. Rich had much idea what happened, far less why, and neither time nor breath to talk about it.
    Saying nothing in those circumstances is consistent with his being shot, whatever the reason he was shot.

  12. I watched a man die in Caracas. He had been shot and dumped from a car outside the house I was dining in. All he said was, “Help me”.

    And they had taken his wallet.

  13. What I wonder about this, is that there’s a former secret service agent who just got 20 years for much the same behavior.

    I think that’s way too much.

    Even so, I’d like to see if Weiner gets anything like that.

  14. People say all sorts of odd things when they’ve just been shot.

    Ecks – if you can identify the MO from the numerous Clinton assassins failing to take wallets etc when staging murders to look like robberies, don’t you think everyone can? And if everyone can wouldn’t they start actually stealing stuff so as to thrown mustard sleuths such as yourself off the trail?

  15. Interested:

    Are the CIA or whoever not smart enough to vary their MO ? No because that is not smart. For those who actually do the kill the quickest job is the least danger esp when if you are caught you know your crew will ensure you don’t live to name names or make deals.

    If you are gonna kill someone the last thing you want is to be caught with anything that can connect you to the victim. OK you dispose of the murder weapon and the cash–tho stopping to actually rifle the pockets or whatever increases your time-exposed-to-danger considerably ( time for you to be seen or some snoop camera catching a glimpse etc) but what about DNA traces etc.–yours on the victim and vice versa.

    No for your own sake you kill and get the Hell out of it. Forget the Mission Impossible crap. After all the cops and media will be shilling and covering for you but even they can’t be too brazen about it.

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