And today’s Heinz Kiosk Award goes to

We can’t blame Prince Philip – we were the ones who indulged him
Terence Blacker

Well done Terry, Well Done.

11 thoughts on “And today’s Heinz Kiosk Award goes to”

  1. “To a woman solicitor, “I thought it was against the law to solicit.””

    Everyone would have that joke running in their mind. Being 95 and a celebrity means you don’t give a fuck and say it out loud.

  2. He’s the last survivor in public life to have fought the Nazis.

    He’s allowed a few off colour remarks.

  3. Worth reading the comments to remind yourself what a bunch of humourless cunts the Lefty Mail’s readers are.

    All the talk of deference; they just can’t get over that people might have genuine affection and for someone in his position.

  4. Most of the Royals, as personalities, I can take or leave, but him I’ve always had a soft spot for, since at least the late 80s when the usual crowd jumped on him for, I think, talking about Chinese people having slitty eyes. He’s a curmudgeonly, irascible old codger but he’s our C. I. C.

  5. … an older, snobbier version of Nigel Farage but without the roguish charm.

    I would have thought the old boy was roguish charm personified.

  6. When I saw the article I knew this response was coming. Perhaps I spend too much time reading your site. Carry on though!

  7. “He’s the last survivor in public life to have fought the Nazis.”

    His views would have been seen as normal and reasonable to the majority of the men who fought the nazis. Nowadays they’d get you classified as one.

  8. The Meissen Bison

    Such is his wit, apparently, that countless collections of his brilliant aperçus and stunning one-liners have been published.

    Deliciously withering.

    Pure Guardian with its effortless superiority, its condescending use of “apparently” and flagrant intellectual snobbery with “aperçus”.

  9. PF, I wouldve agreed till recently. Then he suddenly started showing signs of piety and zeal. Of the type manifested only by very wealthy people with too much time on their hands.

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