Apparently Britain is not a Progressive nation

A “progressive alliance” between Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Greens would fail to stop Theresa May securing a strong majority even if it agreed to run a single candidate in every seat, a new analysis has revealed.

Some figures from all three parties have backed the idea of cooperating to increase the chances of a soft Brexit and ensure that the Conservatives do not secure a landslide. It comes as supporters of the idea prepare to gather for a major event on Monday championing the idea.

However, an analysis based on the latest polling suggests that even the most comprehensive and successful alliance between the three parties would still lead to a comfortable Conservative majority of 64 seats. There would need to be a 10% swing towards the alliance’s candidates compared with the current polling for the three parties to secure a majority between them.

17 thoughts on “Apparently Britain is not a Progressive nation”

  1. Makes sense. If I’m a green, I can tell the difference between a green candidate who means it and a Labour candidate who only pays lip service and considers pollution to be rich people’s problem. I wouldn’t vote for one of those.

    Same for a socialist who scorns the green’s prioritizing the welfare of the barn owl over the rights of workers.

  2. Too late, close of nominations was a week ago. An event to promote not standing candidates a week after the deadline to stand candidates? Sheesh!

    “Progressive Alliance”? Hmm. Back in the 1920s in municipal politics “progressive alliances” were the anti-socialist groupings.

  3. It’s interesting that the word ‘progressive’ did have a non-socialist application in the distant past. I’d always assumed that it was a relic of historicism and the exploded belief that history has a fixed destination.

  4. …and maybe there was a time when liberals used to be liberal?

    Not in my lifetime though.

    As for the Green Party, it’s nothing but Communism for middle class women.

  5. Bloke in Wiltshire

    Charlie Suet,

    One of my rough rules of politics is not to trust any group that tries to say “we’re the goodies” in their name rather than what their group is about. These “progressives” are the people who want to keep libraries open despite everyone switching to Kindles, who want everyone eating locally despite the starvation that would cause, they want more money for boring theatre, when people like going to see The Avengers.

  6. they want more money for boring theatre, when people like going to see The Avengers

    …and why not. That Emma Peel sure looks gorgeous in tight fitting leather cat suit. Phhwaaar!

    You can only watch Uncle Vanya so many times, but Emma Peel I can watch until the cows come home.

  7. I forget who (Don Boudreaux?) came up with the rule that, if you can’t imagine someone advocating its opposite, your political slogan is platitudinous and therefore rather self-serving.

    If you say that you are in favour of sustainability, progress, freedom etc., then there comes close to being a tacit assumption that your political opponents are in favour of the reverse.

    As usual, there are plenty of right-wingers who are as guilty of this practice as the left, though it might be argued that in that case it would be the outcomes rather than the intentions that are being criticised.

  8. I thought one of the signs of a Progressive party was a woman leader… So I will be voting for the Progressive party i.e. The Conservatives!

  9. When the LibDems were given the chance to cosy up with Uncle Gordon, they spurned it. Why should it be any different now, given that neither Farron nor Corbyn has the charisma of Brown and Clegg? I sense that Rocco might be planning another series…

  10. ‘s funny, in business this sort of behaviour would be called a cartel, yes? Very progressive.

  11. TJ: Isn’t there a special place in Hell for women who don’t vote for women?

    Pretty sure that’s not Hell… It’s ‘Merica. Not that yer average wog can tell da difference.

    53% of da white wimmens voted fer Donald.

  12. @ Diogenes
    Maths (and Alex Salmond) defeated the plan for a Lab/Lib alliance since it was impossible to form a majority government without the Conservatives. The insistence of Brown that he should remain leader was the last straw to the prospect of a Lab/Lib minority government since he had achieved the biggest vote of “No Confidence” in a sitting PM that I can remember, so the LibDems made his replacement a condition for agreeing to a Labour-led minority government.

    Cosying up to “uncle Gordon” didn’t pass the sick-bag test, so that doesn’t mean that the LibDems would never join an anti-Tory coalition if it was led by Leanne Wood or someone else saner than Mr Corbyn.

  13. John77, if they had cosied up with Uncle Gordon, things might have gone easier for them in 2015. But they muffed it then and are busily muffing it again.

  14. Maybe the libraries are closing because of the way they are run and the pitiful contents, our local libraries are very active and busy, sensible opening hours doesn’t hurt and you can borrow a book on your kindle if you have a library card if that takes your fancy

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