Dr. Keith Crainshraw says:
May 17 2017 at 9:10 am
It’s great to see you coming back over and lauding the Labour Party after a month or so of constant working on getting the SNP on your side. Only with a big party such as Labour can we be hope to be able to get you into the Lords…

23 thoughts on “Boffo”

  1. If Murphy ever became ennobled a new extension to the Parliament building would need to be constructed just to accommodate his monstrous ego.

  2. On tje same thred Simon ohen says: “I will hold on to this on June 8th as a sort of ‘victory’ in itself”

    Oh the joy! This Labour paralysis is set to continue after the election and for a long time to come. I have friends in Labour. I think they are thick. They cannot say anything, literally cannot say anything about what ideas and principles motivate them. They are simply struck rigid by a tribal need not to rock Labour’s boat. And so it continues; bliss!!

  3. I hardly ever fine stand-up funny, nor films that are supposed to be comedies.

    The stuff from you guys is way funnier. Real-life LOLs.

  4. “I hardly ever fine stand-up funny, nor films that are supposed to be comedies”

    Agreed. Stand-ups are almost invariably leftist try-hards. ‘Comedy’ films are similar, but there are a handful that make me chortle, eg ‘In Bruges’.

  5. If we’re going to re-annex Ireland (it would simplify Brexit), there is a small place – in the Republic just north of Derry – called Muff.

    Baron Snippa of the Muff?

  6. In order to be party political one would have to have a view inviolable principles.

    Spud couldn’t imagine a principle.

    It would restrict his many, varied and contradictory opinions.

  7. Sorry, being a foreigner I don’t know how British politics works with nominations to the upper house. Is it so that each government (currently, the conservatives) gets to assign names to join House of Lords? Can they assign only their own people, or are they required to nominate also opposition politicians?

    Having seen a bi tof Mr. Murphy’s behaviour, if I were a conservative politician who has to nominate a Labour one to House of Lords, I’d absolutely pick Murphy. He’s so deluded that he’d cripple the opposition for good.

  8. @ pjt

    Well it’s a bit like an old boys club with all the major parties having the chance to nominate people every now and then to become members of the H of L. Then it goes to some committee or other to make sure the nominees haven’t murdered too many peasants before the Queen puts on her specs, holds her nose and signs a bit of paper.

    Murphy in the H of L would be dual edged. Yes he’d make a giant tit of himself and be torn apart in debate by experienced politicians who generally aren’t as dumb as they seem so it would be funny but Murphy is so insufferably arrogant and conceited that his ego would puff to gargantuan size and he would refuse to accept he was anything other than the greatest member of the H of L ever. It would be nauseating to hear or read him preening himself.

    Also, he’s a cunt.

  9. pjt – the government push their own donors / supporters / lackeys / ex-MPs into the place. Such that there really are too many Lords.
    As an unelected House it has some impact on government but cannot prevent legislation going through that government wants to go through. It can amend.

    Unlike elected politicians the Lords can instead try doing what’s right over what is popular. Amusingly the Lib Dems have more Lords than they do MPs.

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