But as SnippaSpud keeps insisting, it doesn’t matter

Analysis: do Labour’s manifesto pledges add up?

We can just print money until they do add up, so it doesn’t matter, does it?

TBH I’d love to see him try to get that point across on TV. With A Neil perhaps.

And there’s a bit of this that Ritchie hasn’t admitted to himself as yet.

So, we can spend any amount we want just by creating money. But we must raise taxes in order to kill off the resultant inflation.

Right, sure, we know that politicians really will raise taxes to the correct amount, don’t we? For we’ve that historical proof that they always did even when they thought they faced a hard budget constraint, right?

But more than that, look at the end state. We end up with a high spend, high tax, society. How is this different from the earlier model, a high tax and high spend society?

15 thoughts on “But as SnippaSpud keeps insisting, it doesn’t matter”

  1. I can see no difference between the government printing money to spend and taxing to control inflation and the government taxing to spend.

    I mean when I get taxed it’s not like the government is actually taking money out of my wallet and giving those notes to someone in the public sector, but they might as well be. It’s just like having two different models to explain the same phenomenan. Makes no difference how you explain it when the outcome is the same for everyone.

  2. I have found the new source of money.

    Prof Murph is going to buy a big photocopier on Green QE, and issue photocopies of his bum with a face value of one million.

  3. If I knew he was coming to NL I could have contacted a couple of mates at the airport to get him added to the watchlist.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Next blog post – Spud solves the problem of congestion at international airports.

  5. Labour voters should put this in their diaries::

    Election Day is June 9th. Don’t forget to vote.

  6. How is this different from the earlier model, a high tax and high spend society?

    It isn’t, that’s the aim. They are just lying about it to con the public.

  7. Wanker who says there’s no need for more runways or airports and people shouldn’t fly complains when it takes some time to taxi a plane from one end of a runway to the other….

    Another Green Champion flying everywhere. He can do it because he is important.

  8. Rob

    You appear to be unaware of my value to society

    Wise people disagree with you

    Yet you ignore that

    That’s your last contribution here

  9. The guy complains about the time spent waiting at an airport but cannot even spell it correctly. Who is he going to subject to his stupidity in Utrecht?

  10. Dear Mr Worstall

    Something’s wrong:

    We end up with a high spend squander, high tax, society government. How is this different from the earlier model, a high tax and high spend squander society government?

    Fixed it.


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