Well worth a few minutes of time to make the key point that if the government runs a surplus it is taxing more than it spends – or over-charging in other words.

And if it runs a deficit it’s spending too much then, yes?

10 thoughts on “Erm, yes, OK”

  1. Tim: And if it runs a deficit it’s spending too much then, yes?

    Murf: No, No, No. That means “we’re not charging you enough”. MOAR TAX….

  2. What is the probability of a government running a surplus in the foreseeable? The question is pointless.

  3. If there are surpluses now because it is known that there will be deficits in the future in ordinary life this would be deemed prudent financing. Sadly, prudent policies are unwelcome with the voters of now.

  4. Murphy has lost me here…

    If tax is just the government taking back in money it has already spent, it’s own money…

    And if tax is the way to curb inflation…

    Then surely you need to run a surplus sometimes if you.want to defeat inflation.

    Or maybe it’s all just bollocks.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If Rocco’s new opus requires Two Little Boys then Rolf will probably find himself back in chokey.

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