Evil or sensible?

Jared Kushner and Russia’s ambassador to Washington allegedly discussed setting up a secret communications channel to cloak contacts between Moscow and Donald Trump’s White House transition team, it was reported on Friday.

Ambassador Sergei Kislyak told his superiors in Moscow that he and Kushner discussed ways to shield their pre-inauguration discussions from monitoring, the Washington Post said, citing US officials briefed on intelligence reports.

Given the amount of monitoring being done by he US spy services was this evidence of nefarity or just being sensible?

10 thoughts on “Evil or sensible?”

  1. Notice how the media have gone completely silent on the issue of Trump’s team being bugged? Clearly they were bugged.

  2. The entire Russia narrative is such a stale, tired old pack of lies that even the morons of the left must be tired of it by now.

  3. If the source of this is leaks from the intelligence community, then it is a appallingly bad disclosure of the capabilities of National Technical Means. Not only that, but leaking the names of those involved and even the ability to do such monitoring is a Federal criminal offense. All access to such information is logged, so the circle of those with access is small and well documented. The interesting thing is that there seems very little will to pursue the clues.

  4. I think Trump has been holding off pursuing the leakers because it would be seen (and be widely and loudly trumpeted) as him abusing his enemies within.

    The leaks from the Manchester investigation give him an excellent opportunity to take a nob-partisan hatchet to the morons.

    In Obama’s day, the average sentence for a Federal whistleblower was about 15 years.

  5. Doesn’t the fact that the setting up of a secure hotline was leaked prove the need for a secure hotline?

  6. Social Justice Warrior

    Both nefarious and sensible. It’s sensible for traitors to try to keep their activities secret.

    At the time, Kushner was a private citizen. It was illegal under the Logan act for him to be negotiating with the Russians. And of course it was entirely proper for the US security services to be spying on them.

  7. SJW: There is no bullshit you won’t swallow is there?

    Shame about all those Polish officers the Nazi’s killed.

  8. BBC headline that he is focus of investigation and when you look at details he’s volunteered to give a statement if they need one in the Flynn case, delusional or click bait tactics that they shouldn’t be stooping to

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