Gloria De Piero has, as befits a former TV presenter, produced a campaign video which urges Labour voters to get out on June 9.

It’s not a typo she actually says it in the video. Gloria, the election is June 8…

On reflection, don’t tell them.

12 thoughts on “Facepalm”

  1. It’s left over from when some eejit tried to tell us that remain voters should vote on the day and leave voters the day after…

  2. Seriously though, what’s going on with the EU negotiations?
    They have piled high their demands, and they’ve only got free trade to offer us, why do they think they have any kind of whip hand?
    They can keep this up and ensure May gets all the seats.

  3. Just look at the language they are using, they demand U.K. garuntees rights of EU residents instead of saying they were prepared to respect rights of all etc. provided U.K. reciprocated, this is a resentful begrudging group only doing a deal because they have been forced to
    The reality is that agreeing rights for existing people is a no brainier, details will need to be thrashed out, no doubt French will insist on a lot of forms, but in principle it’s broadly expected. Likely that human rights courts would rule they have to be grandfathered in anyway regardless of anything else.

  4. Gareth Too / BniC

    It is thoroughly entertaining – they seem to be so far up their own rectums that it’s hard to judge what their big picture view might be.

    I’m not sure they were expecting May to take quite the approach that she appears to be? And perhaps we shouldn’t blame them if all they had to reference was “Dave”!

    I know this may be unduly optimistic, but I do hope she doesn’t back off – it could be fun!

  5. I’ve been putting out leaflets reminding people there’s a local council election this week. My dreadest dread fear is finding I’ve put the wrong date on after I’ve delivered them all. It is 4th May this Thursday, isn’t it? Isn’t it?? Quick, where’s a calendar?!?!?

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    I suppose we can’t blame them for thinking our PMs will kow-tow at the nearest sign of the EU playing hard ball. Since Thatcher, which most of them won’t have experienced ,we’ve had:

    Major – about as strong with them as a wet lettuce leaf

    Blair – who’s couldn’t, and still can’t, get his head up their arses fast enough or far enough

    Brown – who at least kept us out of the Euro but hardly fought the Lisbon Treaty. He didn’t even have the balls to make a public signing, leaving it to Miliband and signed quietly at a lunch.

    Cameron and deputy PM Clegg – nuff said.

    May wasn’t a Leaver, all though she was hardly a staunch Remainer, so maybe they think she will eventually kow-tow if they play hard ball.

  7. “May wasn’t a Leaver, all though she was hardly a staunch Remainer, so maybe they think she will eventually kow-tow if they play hard ball.”
    I wonder.
    May’s a product of the Blair/Brown years, Tory party. A Camaroon. I’d say she’s a Marxist. Groucho Marxist. She ‘s a woman of principles & if you don’t like those principles she has others. Her single most abiding one being her career.
    She was a Remainer because Remain, she thought, was the winning bet. She’ll now be a staunch Exiteer because the new Tory intake post the election would pitch her out if she wasn’t. But she’ll also be an appeaser, when it suits her. To cover all the bases. Hell, she’d be a Jeddi Knight Fundamentalist if their were Brownie points in it. Wouldn’t trust her as far as I could sling her with a tissue paper catapult

  8. @BiS

    +1. Theresa “The state can be a force for good” May. She’s no Thatcher for sure, and could someone do something about her posture?!?!

  9. Thatcher has a hell of a lot of power, even getting blame from many for years after she left office.
    May not being Thatcher is something that can be lived with. Perhaps she will instead be May.

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