Given that people here know about everything

Who knows about Persian rugs? New made, hand made, silk and wool.


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  1. Bet you can find some in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. I went there once, fantastic place.

  2. We have a small rug, very small, because of the cost. We got it a few years back from a specialist supplier that went to top of the market sales events. The one we were at was at Godmersham in Kent. Jane Austen was once there. Also, she was acquainted with a clergyman who had a son in law who was Aide and Interpreter of Persian to the Governor General of Bengal. But I doubt if she or her family could ever have afforded a real Persian carpet, but maybe just a small rug.

  3. Carpets and rugs are listed as the biggest exports of Afghanistan. And Afghan imports around $13 for every $1 of exports, which must be some kind of record. I doubt there is much GCCF going on to pay for the difference.
    Sorry, don’t know anything about your query on Persian rugs though.
    Rocco might be along to mention munching.

  4. Dongguan John,

    Well there’s a coincidence: I have fond memories of buying my first carpet in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar a few decades back – wool on cotton, and very nice too. Not that it helps Tim much…

  5. All about knots per square inch, isn’t it? They told me about it at great length in Armenia, but I’ve forgotten most of it. I think 400 knots per square inch (20 per inch each way) is where they start getting into good quality.

  6. Fantastically expensive. I saw some in Isfahan about 3 ft x 2 that would have cost me a month’s salary!

  7. There’s a small selection of Oriental rugs in IKEA, which will at least give you a reference point for retail pricing.

    > Each is hand-knotted by skilled craftspeople
    Sounds ripe for automation.

  8. We have several from Middle East days of yore. Very hard wearing. You can buy cheaper imitations almost as good from Pakistan.

  9. No news on carpet fitting, but Jeremy Corbyn is purported to have proposed a Land Value Tax in the Labour manifesto. He could grab the UK Liberty vote right there.

  10. Tim, there’s no substitute for knowledge: research the subject, and research the market. If no time, then hire an expert to advise and possibly negotiate for you. I used to deal in 18thC English portraits and furniture, and I acted for clients for 5% of purchase price + £250 + expenses.

  11. The particular interest is that someone inside Iran is wondering whether we should work together to sell them outside….arbitraging on the price differences as it were.

  12. Nemo, on the contrary I bet in this digital age even these Turkish market traders have some online presence. Might help Tim establish a market value.

    Bet I could find a perfect knock off in Shenzhen though 🙂

  13. Tim
    Carpet sellers are bullshitters, always have been.
    You need to find a carpet restorer. Those are the guys who know their onions.

  14. Your Iranian contact is probably right about the mark up. Rugs on sale in Tehran are a lot less than Persian rugs on sale outside the country, but exports are controlled – don’t ask me how it works, whatever permits are needed, you need to have the right contacts.

    I once went to visit a factory in Saveh, about 90 minutes SW of Tehran – godforsaken place in the middle of a rocky desert, and was given a present of a locally produced carpet by the factory owner for my troubles. Cost to him was probably a few hundred dollars. Value here is closer to thousands.

  15. “The particular interest is that someone inside Iran is wondering whether we should work together to sell them outside….arbitraging on the price differences as it were.”

    I’ve done import-export deals, notably on Italian ties, where I did well. You need to know the market and the product in depth, and then negotiate very hard. Never diversify without in-depth knowledge. Ever.

  16. Can’t say that I’ve ever seen a persian rug store with a customer in it…… Plenty of rugs advertised as reduced from high 4 figures to lower 4 figures, but never a customer…

  17. abacab,

    How many customers do you need when two sales a week puts you in the top bracket of small shop earnings…

  18. Having been brought up in Iran we have quite a few Persian rugs, but I know nothing about them other that they are very good. Two have been walked on for 50 years and are still going strong.

  19. There’s one hanging on wall in dining room – Approx 10′ x 6′.

    Very nice to look at and stroke – silky.

    Purchased in Tangier 1979/1980.

  20. The inexpensive Ikea ones last surprisingly well.

    Had one on our living room floor for 15 years and still going strong.

    8ft x 6ft. £100. The more expensive one is still waiting in storage.

    You will need the high end market!

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