So, was off on a 6 am flight. Up at 2.30 am to make it. Check email.

Cancellation. Now flying at 2 pm. Grr.


Am up, no point in going back to beddy byes. Grr.

Apparently lots of flights cancelled out of Munich yesterday over weather, meaning no plane here to do the first morning trip. Sigh.

Still, will give the Krauts something for efficiency. While I was on the phone talking to them about rebooking their computer sent me an email with the automatic rebooking that it had done. Not perfect, of course, but pretty good all the same.


5 thoughts on “Grr”

  1. I never take a 6 am flight. If I’m not going to get a proper night’s sleep before I leave, I go the night before. “But I want to spend an extra night in my own bed” people say, to which I respond “except you’re not.”

  2. But landing at 11pm and not getting to a hotel until 1am isn’t great either (well unless your usual sleeping time is 2am) especially if you are flying west

    6am flights are cheap for a reason so sometimes you have to take them

  3. You’re a softy, Herr doktor professor Worstall. During the snow season (late December to early March) I have my alarm set for 04:30. If it has snowed (most nights) then its out of bed, make a pot of tea and peruse the innertube thingy for an hour. Then out into the freezing darkness to spend two hours clearing and dumping snow.

    The 04:30 start is so ingrained that I invariably wake at that time, winter or summer. It snows in daytime too, so some days I have lunchtime and evening sessions as well. Not forgetting weekends when the snow on the roofs is >2m metres deep and needs to be reduced.

  4. I still do not understand why airlines cannot fire out emails and texts when a flight is delayed or cancelled. My local airline stiffed me into a 3 hour wait last year by not doing that so I spent the entire time in a post airport security bar sending them hate mail from my phone.

    At least now they know what a phone email is.

    Anyway, they gave me $250.00 off on the next flight, which is decent pay for 3 hours.

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