Have any of these people ever been to Southern Italy?

A Mediterranean-style diet could cut the risk of obesity by almost half according to a major new study.

The research on 16,000 people found a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, whole grains and olive oil cut the chance of becoming dangerously overweight by 43 per cent.

It’s not exactly known as the home of the thin and elegant now, is it?

Middle and upper class Italians perhaps but the poor not so much at least.

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  1. IIRC the original study was conducted at the end of Lent.

    More to the point, if you have a pal in the local mayor’s office, he can probably delay granddad’s date of death for a few years so you can carry on collecting his pension.

  2. Not to mention that if your town or village has had the shit bombed out of it, school records and census data were probably lost. An invitation to a reverse Calais unaccompanied minor scam where you can declare yourself older than you actuallly are in order to collect your pension earlier.

    A better guage might be height. Children (mine are) about a foot taller than their great grandparents.

    Also the Columbian exchange. A more varied diet makes you fitter.

    Can I have my grant money now please?

  3. That shit is not what italians eat anyway. they do tend to eat less processed food for sure, but plenty of fried stuff, sugar, cakes etc.

    Italians are genetically less heavy than the British, finer boned and skinnier build, in general, but not that much more healthy.

    The whole mediterranean diet thing is a crock of shit.

    It is lefty self delusion just like all their other solutions.


  4. The ideal Lefty diet is one where they starve their enemies on under 1,000 calories a day. You just have to see the results! Amazing!

  5. It’s a study.

    Not an experiment.

    No useful information can be gleaned from most “studies” which generally set out to prove the conclusions arrived at before any work starts.

    As an aside, I was advised by my cardiac nurse to adopt a Japanese lifestyle, all beansprouts and sushi. I asked it that meant I had to smoke 60 Marlboro a day…

  6. Rob–The Socialist Diet.

    That could be the biggest launch yet.

    We know it works.

    You eat less than 1000 calories a day plus your brutal “Labour Camp” style workout.

    And the signature dishes –as prepared by specialist chef Ivan D–are fantastic. Boiled Grass, Thin Soup of Fish-heads etc. People just won’t be able to resist them. Esp with smiling Guards on hand to ensure they don’t.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    bif makes an interesting point that’s always irked me about these studies that look at a single factor in other countries. Generally speaking you have to look at the whole society.

    I remember Wully’s book The State We Are In which came out in the ’80s. He cherry picked the best bits from countries from all over the world, Germany and Singapore featuring heavily.

    I was serving in Germany and remember thinking that he and his supporters probably wouldn’t have supported some of Germany’s other features such as legalised brothels, 24 hour drinking, being able to get a beer in the local ice cream parlour and motorway service stations, no speed restrictions on the autobahn etc. These were some of the pay offs for the economic sacrifices Germany made that so attracted Wully.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    “The wine.. it must be the wine.”

    And the sunshine. Free wine and sunshine for all.

  9. As someone who spends a lot of time in Italy – short of living there. My impression on southern Italians was… Who ate all the pies! A trip down to the beach gave to the lie about healthy lifestyles, judging by the collection of beached whales slowly roasting in the sun. The beach of course would empty around noon as the crowd pissed off for the lunch- lots of fried stuff and wine it seemed.

  10. BiND,

    Legalised brothels are a good thing. Girls are safer, and if not healthier, they get regular medical checks. Many women prefer prostitution to other forms of work.

    What’s more, they can pay tax on their earnings like the rest of us. Plus, no state handouts to a woman with kids by several fathers, they have already qualified for a job in prostitution as they obviously like the activity!

    I have argued elsewhere that the oldest profession should require professional qualifications, and a Royal Charter, but whether or not one should be a State Registered Prostitute, a member of the Royal College of Prostitutes, or the Chartered Institution of Prostitutes, is moot. Certainly, they would need a degree, followed by practical ‘on the job’ training, be subject to a code of professional ethics, a requirement for continuous professional development (CPD) and a regulated fee structure (on which VAT is chargeable), and have Professional Indemnity Insurance.

    I haven’t worked out what I think about Unemployment Benefit or Incapacity Benefits for prostitutes not in employment – perhaps they all count as self-employed and aren’t eligible!

  11. The Mediterranean Diet, along with Swedish Socialism are the comfort blankets of the English metropolitan middle-class. Neither actually exists in anything like the form they take in these people’s minds, but that is no matter.

  12. All good points. But this is a moral crusade, evidence will not budge the conclusions. Dairy is of course demonised. It has made the Dutch the tallest nation in the World, and also the skinniest in the EU apparently. That’s why it’s never mentioned.

  13. Ian Reid
    Epigenetics, as a result of the hungry winter of 44/45. Goes down generations.

  14. Dream on, Excavator Man, (any relation to Tractor Gent?) The restrictions on prostitution are to protect middle class wives, many of whom are now in the government, so don’t hold your breath.

    Meanwhile, here in civilisation…

  15. Bloke in Wiltshire

    Thing is, this is generally sound advice. Whether it’s actually the diet of many southern Italians is questionable.

  16. ‘a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, whole grains and olive oil’

    Rich? Abundantly supplied ‘rich’? Not eaten, per se. Perhaps a diet of stuff people don’t want to eat, hence the weight stays down.

    ‘A diet rich in’ is NOT the same as “a diet of.” And since ‘diet’ is what is eaten, NOT supplied, ‘a diet rich in’ is nonsense. Unless, of course, there is a new definition of ‘rich’ that we are not privy to.

  17. Excavator Man: As Maggie McNeill (The Honest Courtesan) points out it is prostitution that keeps many middle class marriages going. Once the wife has retired from the lists and/or has become house-sized.

    The only good news from the Limp Dicks were their plans to legalise weed and prossies.* Still would never vote for the bastards tho’.

    * Although I have the sneaking suspicion that what they mean is the vile “Swedish” model beloved of hate-filled femmi-freaks: the girls are legal but the customers criminalised.

  18. “Dairy is of course demonised. It has made the Dutch the tallest nation in the World”: oh balls. Nobody knows why the Dutch have suddenly shot up. They’ve always scoffed dairy, but nobody thought them especially tall until the last few decades.

  19. Leaving out other factors like genetics and also the detail that a Mediterranean diet is eaten by people who have a Mediterranean life rising at dawn, toiling in the fields until Noon, eating their Mediterranean diet, sleeping it off for a couple of hours then toiling in the fields again until dark… which is then bed-time.

  20. I knew a Dutchman who was about 6ft 5in. He was the shortest of three children, and had two sisters. Boggling.

  21. Obviously the Dutch have become taller in anticipation of the “Climate Change” induced massive sea level rise, so that they can still ride their bicycles with their heads (just) above water.

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