Chanel has been denounced on social media for appropriating Indigenous Australian culture by producing a $2,000 boomerang derided as the ultimate in useless status symbols.

Yep, Abos invented, so far as we know at least, the boomerang.

Slightly brownish people invented the concept of zero, rather pinkish ones the deep iron plough, possibly yellowish ones the stirrup and so on.

Ad where would we all be without such cultural appropriation?

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  1. What grates more, is that the linked article primarily consists of tweets with a bit of commentary around them presented as news.

  2. This is the latest thing for progressives to cry about, and it’ll work until some company has the balls to say ‘Yup! So fucking what?’

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I am impressed at the way Twitter enables the vindictive, petty and sour members of the community to join a virtual lynch mob.

    If Chanel wasn’t so Right On itself, I would feel sorry for them.

    Nearly 2,300 comments were posted in three hours, some by users who identified as Aboriginal Australians who said they found the Chanel boomerang offensive.

    So f*ck all people are offended. And I bet Nayuka Gorrie is whiter than I am.

  4. Boomerangs–of a sort–were known and illustrated on the walls of ancient Egypt. If memory serves–I saw the info when I was a child long ago–the Egyptians threw them this way round– (– as throwing sticks–rather than this way –) — Abo style.

  5. Dunno. Think even the Abos might have caught on to the concept of nothing.
    As in “What’s your hunting produced for the pot today, Bruce?”
    “Er…sorry, Sheila. I’ll see If I can get the hang of that boomerang thing, tomorrow, ok?”

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    From Wikipedia:

    Though traditionally thought of as Australian, boomerangs are also found in ancient Europe, Egypt, and North America. Hunting sticks discovered in Europe, seem to have formed part of the Stone Age arsenal of weapons.[13] One boomerang that was discovered in Jaskinia Obłazowa in the Carpathian Mountains in Poland was made of mammoth’s tusk and is believed, based on AMS dating of objects found with it, to be about 30,000 years old.[14][15] In the Netherlands, boomerangs have been found in Vlaardingen and Velsen from the first century BC. King Tutankhamen, the famous Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, who died over 3,300 years ago, owned a collection of boomerangs of both the straight flying (hunting) and returning variety.[13]

    No one knows for sure how the returning boomerang was invented, but some modern boomerang makers speculate that it developed from the flattened throwing stick, still used by the Australian Aborigines and other indigenous peoples around the world, including the Navajo in North America.

    So if and only if those claims of how long Australian Aboriginees have been in Australia are true, then they are appropriating us.

  7. What grates more, is that the linked article primarily consists of tweets with a bit of commentary around them presented as news.

    I’ve been banging on about that for a while now. The BBC’s headline story today (on Trump, of course) is basically this morning’s Twitter chat reformatted. They’ve added absolutely nothing of their own, simply repeated speculation and structured it to reflect their own prejudices.

  8. In other news the Indians have asked that Chanel cease to produce pyjamas, Polo shirts, Pashminas and yoga pants especially gingham ones. It’s all a bit of a hullaballoo frankly

  9. TimN,

    The Guardian have manged to turn it into three headline pieces.

    It seems to me to be the very definition of fake news, one news article from a dubious source and very limited credibility is extrapolated into thousands across the world, not a single one adding any additional value, just more noise and speculation layered onto what looks like BS from the beginning.

  10. Cultural appropriation is wrong and should be stopped. Only Arabs should be allowed to do sums.

    This election policy was brought to you by Diane Abbott

  11. “I’ve been banging on about that for a while now. The BBC’s headline story today (on Trump, of course) is basically this morning’s Twitter chat reformatted.”

    And the Washington Post has become Besos blogspot.

    ‘Most Read from The Washington Post: After Comey firing, Trump’s frustrations boiled over’

  12. “Only Arabs should be allowed to do sums.” Nah, they nicked ‘arabic numerals’ from the Hindoos.

  13. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – “Nah, they nicked ‘arabic numerals’ from the Hindoos.”

    But that is where cultural appropriation gets difficult. Because they may have invented this particular form of notation but there is little evidence they were doing anything with it.

    So what is important? The means by which ideas are expressed or the ideas themselves?

  14. Go to a souvenir shop on the Gold Coast or similar and you can buy an ‘authentic’ Aussie boomerang for $4.95, possibly with our national flag painted on it. Which I would have thought was the first target for disrespect. I guess going after “Fred’s Souvenirs” doesn’t quite have the same cachet as naming and shaming Chanel

  15. The point that should be repeated as loudly and as often as possible is that “cultural appropriation” does not exist.

    When one cultural group copies an idea or practice from another it does not deny the original inventers the use of it. They are still free to use it in any way that they see fit and to assign it any meaning that is important to them. There is no act of “appropriation”, even if the new users are more numerous or more powerful than the original users. That’s even without considering the vague and often arbitrary nature of the boundaries between different cultures, or the fact that different peoples may independently develop similar ideas and practices to meet similar needs, both of which make it extremely difficult to assign ownership of a practice to any one group.

    In reality, “cultural appropriation” is just a pretext to denounce people for imaginary acts of racism. It’s another lie invented by the totalitarian left as a tool of social control. Like all the left’s evil lies, it should be dismissed with utter scorn and contempt and should never be granted any legitimacy whatsoever.

  16. I object to the non-West using Newtonian mechanics. Let them build bridges and sewers with their prayers.

    And don’t get me started on the outrageous cultural appropriation of the Kalashnikov. Please consider the harm you are doing to Russian culture and sense of national identity.

  17. This twatter splatter should have started long ago.
    The OED is absolutely stuffed with loan words from Greek, Latin, Saxon, you name it.

  18. No, starting with ‘Old’, which we nicked from the krauts. Then ‘English’, from the Angles.

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