DHL Consignment Notification Arrival:

Dear [email protected]

You have an uncleared DHL shipments posted to your address.

Please take a moment to track your package online .

Thanks for chosen us!

DHL Global Forwarding.Deutsche Post DHL Group
Copyright © 2017 DHL International GmbH.
All rights reserved.

Why do I think this is a phishing attempt?

Ah, that’s why.

8 thoughts on “Hmmmm”

  1. It’s the dot between “Forwarding” and “Deutsche”, isn’t it? That’s what gave it away?

  2. 1. you had to get it out of your spam box to read it

    2. you haven’t ordered anything

    3. dodgy speeling

    4. the ‘From’ field is some account

    5. the tracking link goes to a .ru domain

    (sometimes genuine stuff does get spam boxed by mistake, if it can’t pass all of the rest of the tests then it really is fake)

  3. We had this one, luckily in the spam folder but nasty. If this goes to a large number of addresses the chances are that some will be people either expecting deliveries or routinely get them from DHL. It will only need a minority, perhaps small in percentage terms, of clicks for them to get what they want.

  4. “. . . .an uncleared DHL shipments . . .”

    Inability to handle plurals in english is always a big red flags.

    And the copyright notice at the bottom is very much out of place – companies wouldn’t even bother to put a *trademark* notice there and copyright doesn’t apply at all.

  5. “inability to handle plurals in english is always a big red flags.”

    That would be called “hongqi” (红旗). It’s because the language doesn’t idiomatically use plurals.

  6. “pjt
    May 17, 2017 at 10:01 pm


    You can’t use that word. That’s *our* word!

  7. Funnily enough two days ago I received the following text : Your DHL shipment 550816143 from DEFAULT is scheduled for delivery TODAY by End of Day. Customise your delivery at (click on link).
    I naturally assumed it was phishing, until he man from DHL turned up…..

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