Ho hum, misleading claims in The Guardian again.

So, charity and taxes. And then the misleading part:

Yet while over 1 million Britons donate to charity regularly through payroll giving, that raised a relatively paltry £134m last year and less than a third of people give to charity monthly.

Why is that misleading? Because charitable giving is well over £10 billion a year in the UK.

8 thoughts on “Ho hum, misleading claims in The Guardian again.”

  1. “through payroll giving”

    Is that how it’s done in Britain?

    In the States, it’s mostly done directly not via payroll deduction. Counting only contributions made thru payroll giving would seriously understate the extent of charitable contributions.

  2. Foreign remittances ( people who work in the UK sending money to family and causes in their home countries ) are over £25bn. Does that count as charity? And why we have so much ODA when the free market has this covered is a mystery to me.

  3. Does that £10billion include the money I give to all those wonderful charities via my taxes?

    I must admit that I feel a warm glow inside when I remember that our benevolent government is wisely taking the tax on my pension and contributing it towards the six figure salaries of all those selfless directors at Oxfam, Save the Chilluns and all the rest of our wonderful third sector.

  4. How much of that “£10b” is given to the likes of ASH, Alcohol Concern and Cancer “Research” UK, Action on Sugar/Salt/[whatever it is this month], Excited about Exercise* and Fuss About Fat*, funded directly from the taxes extracted from my monthly wageslip?

    Enquiring minds etc.


    * If these don’t exist yet, they will soon….

  5. @ PJH
    Probably not much from individuals – most of us actually THINK about to whom we will give our money.

    Admittedly the Guardianistas have more money than the rest of us but even so …

  6. Gift-aid

    ie tax-deductable donations* to charity should be abolished along with DFID.

    * it’s not a true donation if all taxpayers also contribute to donator’s cause.


    Probably < 5%. As corrupt as lottery charity – choice of politicos funded.

  7. Bloke in Aberdeen

    John F – no, it’s a clunky way to give that most people ignore. I’d imagine it’s far more common just to set up a standing order and let the charity claim gift aid.

    Pcar- since when has a tax deduction been the same as state funding? You don’t contribute to other people’s giving, rather the government decides not to tax* any income which is given to charity. Unless you think all money belongs to the government…

    * Except for NI, which quietly remains on.

  8. @BiA,

    If one ticks Gift-Aid box charity claims money from Gov’t.

    If one has a CAF account, balance is increased by Gift-Aid.

    If one is not on PAYE tax due is reduced by charitable donations.

    If one’s tax is reduced, others are paying.

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