Horrors, eh, just horrors

An oil well off Australia leaked for weeks last year. We just found out about it.


The leak began in April 2016 and lasted about two months. All told, it spilled nearly 2,800 gallons of oil into the ocean.

50 gallons a day. Into the ocean. Which is filled with bugs that eat oil.

Just, the horror……

9 thoughts on “Horrors, eh, just horrors”

  1. Tell you what; I’ll bet that oil was slightly radioactive too. How did they miss that aspect to be hysterical about?

  2. Petroleum oil was *discovered* because it naturally leaks out of the ground, often in much greater quantities than this.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s my old bugbear: the utter inability of the average journalist to grasp orders of magnitude. This is like the Fukushima leaks—quantities of radioactive water that would be very nasty indeed if contained in a swimming pool being discharged into the Pacific, all 700 quintillion litres of it.

  4. I heard the ocean regularly exceeds the amount of salt deemed healthy by health advocacy groups.

    Let’s de-salt the sea

  5. @BiCR

    “…the Pacific, all 700 quintillion litres of it”

    1 litre for every £ of the UK’s tax gap then…..

  6. Off topic but the wind is blowing round here and making noises outside just like the wind in john Carpenter’s film,The Thing.

    I think I’d better go check that the dogs are OK.

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