How about the ones that are correct?

Yes, we must listen to experts, but which ones?
Sonia Sodha

Worth a try, surely?

5 thoughts on “How about the ones that are correct?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    I do wish people would use the full Gove quote: “The people of this country have had enough of experts from organisations with acronyms, saying that they know what is best, and getting it consistently wrong.”

    Having said that she does make some fair points. I wouldn’t go as far as her in my awe of experts but she makes a good point here:

    “We should have nothing but respect for the awesome, life-changing – but potentially life-destroying – responsibilities that our midwives, teachers and social workers take on. But those responsibilities place them under a far greater duty to recognise and address their foibles than the rest of us. We’re all human. But some of us can less afford to be so than others.”

    Of course being the Guardian the point that free markets are the best solution to the problem will never enter their heads.

  2. “Even more shocking than the report itself has been the response from the midwifery profession. It should have been a “never again” moment, prompting a fundamental review of how far and deep these attitudes run. But the response from its leaders has been defensive.”

    Perhaps because they can count on ‘Guardian’ columnist support denouncing everything as the fault of ‘Tory cuts’..?

  3. ‘Yes, we must listen to experts, but which ones?’

    Easy: named ones. The legacy press’s slovenly habit of using unnamed ‘experts’ must stop. If they tell us what ‘experts’ say, and give no names, they are LYING.

  4. The article seems to worry about experts with differing ideologies.

    But an expert cannot have an ideology in their area of expertise.

    They can have ideologies – or even opinions – on what should be done. But those are opinions, and of much less import.

    One assumes that the birth industry has lots of experts who know what works what doesn’t what the risks are and how big they are (at least roughly) under varying circumstances. Thus any midwifery association which boasts of high proportions of natural births is practicing politics. Their watchphrase should be “What’s best for the mothers..” not “Natural birth is a summum bonum”.


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