I agree, this is an outrage

As an example, Dr. Redman argued that a black woman with four children who goes to the gynecologist is more likely to get pushed into a long-acting form of contraception than a similarly situated white woman, who is more likely to have a chance to engage in dialogue with a doctor about whether or not she wants any more children.

That’s actually a real example being used to portray the inequalities inherent in the system.

OK, it’s Amanduh, it’s at Salon, but even so it’s really a pretty weak thing to be railing against, isn’t it?

22 thoughts on “I agree, this is an outrage”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Is there the slightest evidence it ever happened? I would not rush to agree with Amanda

    But if it did, so what? What we are not allowed to notice is that an enormous percentage of Black mothers are not fit for purpose. They should not be having children.

    Still, it is in line with the Progressive origins of the birth control movement. Which was openly eugenic and aimed at Blacks. That is why Planned Parenthood builds abortion clinics in Black neighbourhoods. That is why the Pill was designed for the stupid and illiterate.

  2. The Inimitable Steve

    Should progressives abandon identity politics? No — new report suggests women of color should lead the movement


    Trump’s narrow electoral victories in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, however, spawned a popular new theory amongst the chin-scratching white male liberal set: That identity politics — which put anti-racism and feminism at the center of progressive ideology — have harmed progressivism and need to be abandoned in favor of a more identity-neutral message based only on economics, in order to appeal to white working-class voters.

    You might think that constantly telling working class white voters that they’re racistsexisthomophobic bigots who need to get used to being simultaneously demographically dispossessed and constantly yelled at for not giving enough free shit to brown people is a vote loser.

    But no, no. It’s the voters who are wrong:

    “the recent calls to abandon identity politics in favor of a race- and gender-neutral approach” would “simply exacerbate race and gender inequities and injustices.”

    And this is why President Trump will win a second term.

    But now for some progressivelogic.txt:

    It has always been true that if we help the least of us, it benefits all of us,” she said

    Fact check: no it hasn’t.

    we are literally setting the start line for women and people of color so far back that they are mere existence is being criminalized

    Literally criminalised.

    how will we ever get to equity, much less equality?” Roché asked.

    When Lord Lucan rides in on Shergar, carrying the lost map to Atlantis?

    As an example, Dr. Redman argued that a black woman with four children who goes to the gynecologist is more likely to get pushed into a long-acting form of contraception than a similarly situated white woman, who is more likely to have a chance to engage in dialogue with a doctor about whether or not she wants any more children.

    Behold the field in which I grow mine fucks. Thou shall see it is barren.

  3. Progressives are able to hold two diametrically-opposed concepts in their head at any one time, to whit:

    “It’s wonderful how we have diverse cultures even amongst people of the same nationality and we must respect and value the differences of these cultures..”


    “All women are exactly the same under the skin and must be treated exactly the same and no cultural differences should ever be acknowledged…”

  4. If the women–regardless of hue–is paying for–or has in tow someone who is paying for the 4 kids–then fine. It is down to how many more said female and her resource provider want and can afford.

    If the resource provider is us–she can fuck off. We are already paying for 4 too many.

  5. “amongst the chin-scratching white male liberal set”

    As opposed to the chin-scratching while female liberal set, which is completely different/

  6. I did a smidgin of research(interviews) on this: many black women chose longacting contraceptives to hide from their partners that they are no longer fertile. There are a lot of black men out there who like their women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen even if thay are unemployed, noncontributory and likely to push off once bored. Black women are exercising choice which they hide from the patriarchy, Amanduh!

  7. Amanduh wouldn’t be Amanduh if she didn’t actually miss the point she was trying to make.

    Much of the navel-gazing “amongst the chin-scratching white male liberal set” had more to do with the obvious fact that much of what constitutes identity politics these days has more to do with demonizing those people progressives dislike than empowering those people progressives claim to be representing.

    It’s hard to get people to vote for you when you openly mock them as “bitter clingers” and “deplorables”. Amanduh doesn’t understand this, in no small part because she makes her money by professing her hatred… and not by getting Democrats elected to office.

  8. As opposed to the chin-scratching while female liberal set, which is completely different.

    It is completely different. The female liberal set tends to have more (and better) whiskers than the male liberal set.

  9. I don’t know what sort of research Ljh was involved in & how representative the sampling, but I’ve lived alongside London’s black community most of my life,occasionally dated the women & sort of had mates amongst the menfolk. I say mates, conditionally, partially because of what he’s reporting. So many of them talked about having a number of children by different women & were unashamedly proud of it. They’d actually moan about not being welcome to see this or that daughter or son they’d sired in some passing relationship. They never seemed to accept any responsibility for the kids involved. Quite the opposite. That “such & such women was always after money, every time I see her” was one of the things defined the “unwelcoming”.
    That, amongst other things, is why I’d have problems calling them real friends, in the same sense as my white friends. Despite them qualifying on other grounds.When you have such a profound behavioural gulf, it’s difficult to see them as equals.

  10. @BiS: I have heard from people I know who work in various African HIV hotspots that that’s actually one of the reasons why condom use is so hard to promote. The whole point of sex for many of the men is to have kids. The condom just does not make sense in their worldview.

  11. Bloke in Wiltshire

    Her husband, “a dark-skinned black man, tall, dreads, everything like that,” was pulled over, she said, “because the cop said he was following too closely behind another vehicle.”

    Get a haircut then. People associate dreads with people who like getting baked. Combine with driving a bit close, and you’re more likely to get pulled over.

  12. Many of life’s ills are blamed on absent fathers. I think it’s time to wonder about the influence of present mothers.

  13. Marcotte’s underlying assumption is that black women are too stupid, lazy and generally incompetent to forcefully speak with a doctor about contraception alternatives.

    Marcotte is a condescending, racist, deeply stupid piece of work.

  14. Don’t forget that in the long run the breeders will prevail.
    The righteous white tribe will be an irrelevance .
    Virtue has no shield and wisdom no vote.

  15. So Much For Subtlety

    I guess that means now Rusty has a Pinko Pope, criticism of Planned Parenthood is verboten.

  16. “Should progressives abandon identity politics?”

    “Decades of research clearly show that fixating on group identity and segregating groups leads to in-group bias and social conflict. To fight prejudice and discrimination, people from different groups need to be united, not divided, and able to get to know one another as individuals. This idea that we need segregated living, study, and social spaces based on categories such as race is a recipe for distrust and conflict, as is the idea that people should be told to be quiet because of their race or sex. Research also shows that promoting victimhood increases feelings of entitlement and selfishness, and it inspires other groups to respond in kind.”


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