Idiocy at The Guardian

Van Badham complains about how the schmutter trade is moving out of Asia and into Africa. My comment there:

“Now, of course, “wage pressure” from Asia’s industrialised working class is tempting manufacturers to relocate to Africa.”

So this capitalist exploitation made Asia rich and you want to stop the same thing happening in Africa?

How nice of you.

And of course this is idiocy:

If globalisation allows multinational corporations to base their operations where a worker’s value is a mere $10 a week, it sets up a situation ripe for competitive exploitation that becomes everyone’s problem. Without an international minimum wage, we’re all worth 10 bucks.

Just to give an example, 96.5% of Americans working receive more than the minimum wage in that country. There is thus some force other than the minimum wage which determines wages then, isn’t there?

Hmmn, comments are closed there. Wonder why?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Wages aren’t everything. Productivity counts too. As does attitudes to work. Black Americans became radical and militant. That led, for instance, to Jesse Jackson spitting in the food when he was a waiter.

    Even if Guatemalans were more expensive, no one in their right mind would allow a Black woman to look after their child these days.

    I think that parts of Asia may keep the rag trade a bit longer.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    So basically she wants African governments to impose higher wages on their workers so that Australian textile workers can keep their jobs?

    I applaud her intention. But I question her sanity. Just how does she think this is going to work? Third World states will willingly embrace indefinite poverty?

  3. My life is already fecked over because I can feel ageing coming on, my value to employers will reduce but I’ll need an extra £100 of income of week when I’m 66 to live a decent life. Strictly that’s a want, not a need, but achieving that by my selling 16 hours of labour at £6/hour say is against the law.
    Then this
    The solution can only be collective and it must be international
    The bint presumably is already happy with Westminster deciding Local Authorities cannot licence separate smoking areas in clubs even if local electors would like their councillors to have that power ‘because of chaos or something. She is presumably also happy with Maltese and Greeks having a say in what the British can smoke in the first place ( e-cig regulation ). And now she wants people in Mogadishu having a say in what price range my labour value can be negotiated.
    The only bright side of the article is that ‘donate’ button – I still have a choice on that.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Idiocy is widespread these days. The BBC is speaking as I write and is complaining about the rising price of donkeys in Africa. Which, naturally, is a problem for poor farmers who own donkeys. And calls for a ban on the export of donkey skins.

    Because, obviously.

  5. So Africa is taking the first baby steps out of poverty. This must be stopped or rich writers will be left with nothing to write about.
    Support our columnists, keep Africa starving.

  6. I can’t think why she doesn’t understand basic economics

    “Van Badham is a theatre-maker and novelist, occasional broadcaster, critic and feminist. She is vice-president of the MEAA, Victoria. She writes columns for the Guardian and lives in Melbourne.”

  7. Don’t you ever weary, Mr W, of your self-imposed task of pointing out how stupid, ignorant, and evil Guardianistas are? It’s all so repetitive: they never learn, they never develop, they never mature. In short, they never progress. Each apparently new folly is just some old folly writ large.

    There’s nowt so conservative as the Avant-garde, as they say in Yorksheer.

  8. Johnathan Pearce

    SMFS: you claim no-one in their right mind would entrust their child to a black person.

    You’re a bigot and a fool

  9. Bloke in Wiltshire

    “Van Badham is a theatre-maker and novelist”

    No, you’re not. You’ve published a couple of novels on Amazon and they have no sales data and 1 review. It’s like me calling myself a singer because I’ve drunkenly sung a Karaoke version of Born to be Wild.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    Johnathan Pearce – “You’re a bigot and a fool”

    No doubt. But I also describe the world accurately. Unlike you who could not even quote me accurately. There was a time when a large number of Black Americans were employed as domestics. Not so much any more. If people can, they will employ Hispanics. Largely because of the Black Power movement. No more Driving Miss Daisy.

    This is the way it is. Whether you like it or not.

    And it is not hard to see why. Tracey Morgan, the alcoholic son of a drug addict whose father died of HIV, said he first had sex at the age of ten when his baby sitter blew him.

  11. But the liberals off course are well informed about facts and theory as always unlike the ignorant right.

  12. @So Much For Subtlety

    +1 on your posts

    Bigot Realist that I am, I would add RoP adherents to the “keep them away from your progeny” list.

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