Idiot damn stupidity

Attacks like Portland’s will keep happening unless we all fight white supremacy

The two people stabbed to death were fighting white supremacy you idiot. They were telling someone shouting racist threats to shut up about the white supremacy shite.

Arjun Singh Sethi is a civil rights lawyer, writer, teacher and consultant based in Washington, D.C. He is an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center and Vanderbilt University Law School, where he teaches courses on policing, surveillance and counterterrorism.

Ah, a grossly unsuccessful lawyer who teaches in a college for a pittance to make up for it. Adjunct professors make $20k a year if they’re lucky.

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  1. Is this the one where it was claimed that the loony was a Trump supporter and then it turned out he was a Bernie supporter?

  2. Hahahahaha a lefty working at a university named after a ‘robber baron’, fuck me.

  3. David in Michigan

    Gibberish. Moslems are not of a particular “race” or color. He wants to talk about white supremacy but somehow fails to understand that Islam is a religion and not a “race”. (pretty certain that at least a few of the “..stans” are considered to be populated by white moslems).

    The entire article is gibberish and garbage and one doesn’t really need to read it to know it. But then ….. Washington Post….. your source for leftist progressive news.

    I’d tell him to get a haircut but he might not like that and I’m pretty sure he’s armed with a knife.

  4. How can we expect our way of life to survive if we aren’t willing to fight to defend those who would destroy it?

  5. Buzzfeed is oozing with blubbering leftists expressing animosity to non-leftists in between blubbering.

    Maybe Manchester coppers should be sent to arrest them. Or is it only certain groups get to express their thoughts?

  6. The Inimitable Steve

    Yeah, the guy was a far-left Sanders supporter who made repeated death threats to the Trump administration. And the only reason you’re hearing about this story, and not any number of other horrific murders committed by other mental/evil people, is because the Fake News media is hoping to pass the perp off as a racist Trumpy through the magic of lying.

    Not that Bernie Sanders is to blame, of course. America has the same problem we do since loony bins went out of style, and crazy is not – pace St. Jo – a political party.

    Still, at least the victims’ families have the comfort of knowing they died white-knighting for Moslems. And also provide big gay talking points for pampered minorities to bitch and moan at white people for their hideous crime of continuing to exist in a country their forefathers built.

    Either that, or it was a sad and pointless death that could’ve been easily avoided had they just left the loony to rant. I dunno.

    The important thing to remember here is that white supremacy is an ideology of peace, and the white supremacist community is living in fear of a whiteophobic backlash. I hope the American police are taking notes from our own fearless plod re: arresting anybody who criticises them on Twitter.

  7. The Inimitable Steve

    David – I’m not Paul Hogan or nothin, but the ceremonial knives Sikhs carry barely qualify as knives. You’d struggle to cut butter just out of the fridge with those things.

    I do appreciate their religion’s manly virtue of always being at least notionally prepared for a fight, but the Texian religion of always packing a bloody great shooter strikes me as more practical.

  8. Social Justice Warrior

    I’m not sure it tells us very much what politicians a madman favours, but he described himself on facebook as “a Anarcho-Nihilist and registered Libertarian who happened to vote for only Bernie in Primary then switched back because dems are a joke right now”

    In short, he’s a racist, Hillary-hating, libertarian gun nut.

  9. It may have been enriched by assimilating portions of other cultures in the past, but at this moment in history, the Western culture is vastly superior to any other culture on offer. Multiculturalism in the West has an overwhelmingly negative impact, in particular the barbaric, Medieval, backward, Islamic culture. There have been some culinary and literature benefits, but they certainly don’t offset the negatives.

  10. Doc Bud
    I quite like arabic music. Better than the beatles anyway-
    A shame that they want to ban it.

  11. “In short, he’s a racist, Hillary-hating, libertarian gun nut.”

    Not all bad, then.

  12. The two people stabbed to death who were assaulting somebody (crazy or Bernie supporter, who cares) who was simply speaking badthoughts at bomber-breeders? Cry me a river.

    Self defence is what it is.

  13. The Inimitable Steve

    Paul – having seen pictures of the victims (soy is one helluva drug) and the guy they arrested (Bane’s stunt double) my guess is those poor bastards forgot they weren’t on the internet.

  14. @TIS: Or fell for the ‘the mentally ill should be regarded as non-dangerous’ guff the Care in the community advocates keep spouting.

  15. As far as was known the bloke was running his mouth only. If the two attacked him on the grounds that they think they have the right to silence opinions they don’t like that is assault.

    The females involved escaped unhurt. The media is trying to push the claim he wanted to attack them. But if so why did he not attack? No account–even from the most biased leftist sources– have suggested he was doing more than flap his gums before the two “intervened”. If the intervention was in the form of an assault then self-defence is a viable defence. Using a knife on them would be wildly excessive for verbals or a restraining hand. But if two men attacked me full on (cos its OK to “punch a Nazi”) I would use whatever means at hand to ensure I didn’t get my head kicked in. I don’t know that I would have stabbed them in the jugular (as is claimed) but had I a knife handy two attackers would certainly get cut and torso-stabbed at least.

    The trouble is that now it has been politicised we will never get the truth. This is one area were a video would be invaluable.

  16. One occasion when I think Mr Ecks is on the button.

    Not that I know owt about the US, but isn’t shouting your gob off protected under the Constitution as Free Speech, and it doesn’t matter if you are a nutter – the Constitution applies to all. Moreover, the right to go armed seems to be also protected by said document or one of its Amendments, although presumably originally to protect against Brits wearing red coats!

    Maybe the two dead guys did offer violence. In which case they got their just desserts.

    Just because you are a gobshite nutter doesn’t mean you can’t defend yourself, and again, I don’t know about the US, but in the UK “It is both right and just, to try to get your blow in fust” in self defence when the assailants’ intentions are clear.

  17. Social Justice Warrior

    So now you’ve discovered he’s one of your own, you think it’s ok for him to knife people who asked him to tone down his abusive behaviour.

    Incidentally, first amendment rights are limited by the “fighting words” doctrine.

  18. ” This is one area were a video would be invaluable.”

    Apparently, the trains in Portland do have security cameras, so video should be available. Like you,I’d be very interested in seeing it.

  19. The Inimitable Steve

    JuliaM – it’s right-on Portland, so could well be. This is one of the many reasons I avoid public transport, you just never know if the guy sitting next to you is Stabby McCrazypills

  20. SJW,

    I haven’t a clue who he is, or who he is aligned to, but what I do know is that he’s already been tried by the media and found guilty.

  21. SJW–You seem to have little problem with your crew butchering millions–haven’t heard you call socialism for its crimes ever.So fuck your opinions about this incident.

    You say two blokes merely asked him to pipe down–and that might be true. But given the leftist media lies around–to take just one example– “white Hispanic” Zimmerman, including editing the Dispatchers tape to make Zimmerman sound racist–I wouldn’t trust the fake news peddling leftist scum of the MSM to tell me the time of day.

  22. @Mr Ecks
    The two dead guys were trying to kill who?
    So self-defence involves killing two unarmed guys who object to you attacking two girls?

  23. We don’t know what happened–outside of what the lying twats of the MSM say happened. And even they say it was verbals against the women until the intervention. Maybe the males did just ask him to be nice and got put down for it. Or maybe they thought it was “punch a Nazi” time. If it was a multiple attack two against one that counts as life-threatening force.

    If you have a verified source of info lets hear it by all means.

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