I’m a very important bureaucrat I am

Brexit will likely top the agenda on the election campaign trail today as the European Commission’s lead Brexit negotiator is set to face the media.

Michel Barnier will likely face questions on Wednesday about Theresa May’s role in talks amid reports that the EU will not allow the Prime Minister to negotiate Brexit directly with her European counterparts.

The PM would be prevented from joining Brexit discussions at future EU heads of government meetings, according to The Times.

The only person Mrs May would be allowed to hold such meetings with would be Mr Barnier, the newspaper reported.

And you’re also not a head of government Michel matey.

You are still the oily rag not the engineer.

Consider for a moment, the duly elected national leaders not being involved, only the appointed bureaucrat, shows how democratic the EU is, doesn’t it?

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how outrageous the EU has to get before Remoaners stop supporting them ahead of their own country. My guess: very.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Just shows how divided they and how little they trust individual governments to stick to the party line.

    Is the May the luckiest leader the Tories have ever had? It seems that even her enemies want her to be PM with a massive majority because every time they open their mouths they piss off more people or show themselves up to be complete fools.

  3. The European Commission is not a very good negotiator. Their interventions in the Greek crisis were incredibly unhelpful – because JCJ kept promising the Greeks that they could have their cake and eat it, the Greeks thought that the EU would give way – but in the end it was the views of the European Finance ministers, led by Djisselboem that led to much harder terms, because that was what would fly politically inside their countries.

    The Commission appears to be playing bad cop in this case rather than idiotically good cop, but their posturing is foolish. If the EU does not agree a proper trade deal in return for money, the UK can walk away and the immediate consequence for the Germans etc is that they will need to find around 45 billion in money that has already been spent in budgetary terms. Not to mention the ongoing loss of E10 billion a year. Of course the trade dislocations in the UK and the EU would be very bad. Which is why the EU should fire Barnier and JCJ and start negotiating a trade deal in return for money asap. Will probably take a bit of time though.

    The European Commission = people who can always be trusted to make things worse.

  4. The Telegraph’s approach to this is disappointingly myopic and parochial. It is less important that May is barred from negotiating with other leaders and more striking that the other leaders are barred from negotiating with her. This is a clear example how much sovereignty has been given up and why some people want to leave.

  5. bloke in france

    Barnier would be perfect, becaus he’s so useless.
    Sadly, it’s obvious he’s the monkey not the organ grinder.

  6. The Thought Gang

    @ Charlie Suet

    It won’t happen. Sides have been chosen and faith is absolute. On both flanks. There’s nothing that Junky & Co can do that can’t be legitimised by that camp, and no way of getting the other to admit to any of the gaping holes in their own grand vision.

    There are plenty in the middle who were never much convinced either way and who probably all agree that nobody looks good yet.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    I’ve just sent off for Varoufakis-Allthemoneygone’s book, out tomorrow, about negotiating with the EU.

    I hope T May and D Davis have also ordered their copies.

  8. “It’ll be interesting to see how outrageous the EU has to get before Remoaners stop supporting them ahead of their own country.”

    The quislings – those still in the pay of the EU, like Mandelson – will never stop supporting them. The fifth columnists – those not actually taking money – might be as dedicated as many fellow travellers and useful idiots used to be.

    It remains to be seen how many remoaners are neither quislings nor fifth columnists, but just people with whom I happen to disagree.

  9. Varoufakis-Allthemoneygone’s book, out tomorrow, about negotiating with the EU

    One word summary? “Don’t.”

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